DU Law Exam: Students Demand for Postponement, opt for a hunger strike

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Source: Business Today

On 6 August, Saturday, several students of Delhi University’s Faculty of Law held a protest and demanded DU Law exam postponement. Students of the second, fourth and sixth semesters claimed their syllabus has not been completed yet.

Further, the students demand a gap between their papers by changing the datasheet. They said online classes are still going and the syllabus is not completed but exams are starting on 10 August. The protesters include the students of Campus Law Centre (CLC( and Law Centre I and II. 

‘We Are Humans not Machines’, students quoted 

During the protest, students held banners which are quoted as “We are humans, not machines.” Also, ‘Don’t play with our careers’, reads the placards. Further, Sakhti Singh, one of the students during the protest said that students have been protesting for the last few days. The officials gave them confirmation but nothing has changed. 

University of Delhi plans to organise Tiranga Yatra next week

Another student named Gunjan claimed that the datasheet was not properly planned. She said, “I have exams on 10 and 13 August, clearly I have only two days for preparation. Observing the subject requires more than given time to prepare. We are not demanding the cancellation of the exam, we are just asking for the postponement of the DU law exam.” 

DS Rawat, Dean of Examination, said the academic calendar was released before the beginning of the semester. So, the dates of the examination were mentioned there. Moreover, he added, first, the varsity issues the academic calendar, and then the department prepares the date sheet. Therefore, the department takes care of the date sheet of Post graduation programs.”

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