Water Coolers

Delhi University (DU) is taking steps to solve the water shortage problem on its campus. The university has decided to install 25 new water coolers. This move aims to provide clean drinking water to students and staff.

Addressing the Issue

Water shortage has been a big problem at DU for some time. Many students and staff have complained about not having enough drinking water. The university administration listened to these complaints. They decided to take action by installing more water coolers.

Locations of the Water Coolers

The new water coolers will be placed in different areas of the campus. This includes classrooms, libraries, and common areas. The aim is to make water easily accessible for everyone. Each cooler will be maintained regularly to ensure it is clean and functional.

Water Coolers
New Water Coolers Installation Source: India Mart

Benefits of the Initiative

This initiative will have many benefits. Firstly, it will improve the health of students and staff. Clean drinking water is essential for good health. Secondly, it will reduce the number of plastic bottles used on campus. More water coolers mean fewer people will need to buy bottled water. This is good for the environment.

University Administration’s Efforts

The university administration has worked hard to make this project possible. They have allocated funds for the installation and maintenance of the coolers. They have also made plans to ensure the water quality is high. Regular checks will be done to ensure the water is safe to drink.

Long-Term Plans

This is just the beginning of DU’s efforts to tackle water shortage. The administration has other plans as well. They are looking into rainwater harvesting and better water management systems. These long-term solutions will help maintain a steady water supply on campus.

Support from Faculty

Faculty members have also shown support for this initiative. Dr. Sharma, a professor at DU, said, “This is a great step towards solving the water crisis on campus. It shows that the university cares about the well-being of its students and staff.”

Challenges Faced

However, the installation of water coolers is not coming without challenges. The University of Delhi has faced logistical issues. Finding the right spots for the coolers and ensuring a continuous water supply are some challenges. But the administration is confident they can overcome these issues.

Future Improvements

DU plans to gather feedback from students and staff about the new water coolers. This feedback will help them make improvements if needed. They are also considering adding more coolers if the demand increases.


Installing 25 new water coolers is a positive step by Delhi University. It addresses the immediate need for clean drinking water on campus. The initiative shows the university’s commitment to the health and well-being of its community. It will solve students the problem of finding clean drinking water on campus. With further plans for water management, DU aims to provide a sustainable solution to the water shortage problem.

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