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On July 15, VC of Delhi University released a notice in which he said that the Open Book Examination(OBE) for the final semester/term/year students of all Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses including SOL and NCWEB to be conducted by the University.


The following points may be noted by all concerned :

1. The University of Delhi shall conduct the examinations for the final semester/term/year students of all Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses including SOL and NCWEB from 10.08.2020 onwards in the OBE mode remotely. The examinations shall begin on 10.08.2020 and shall conclude on 31.08.2020.

2. The final date sheets for the Undergraduate courses shall be available on the official website of the University of Delhi ( by 16.07.2020. The datasheets for the Postgraduate courses and professional courses shall be released on the website by 22.07.2020.

3. For those students who for any reason are not able to appear in the examinations in OBE mode remotely which are scheduled to begin from 10.08.2020, the University has decided to conduct an additional phase of examinations in OBE mode through online/offline/blended mechanism as elaborated below:

• This special dispensation is being made as a one-time measure for the convenience of such students who are unable to participate (wholly or in part) in the examination scheduled to begin on 10.08.2020 to provide them another opportunity to take their examinations, subject to the prevalent situation of COVID-19 and any further notification/guidelines from University Grants Commission (UGC).

• The examinations will be conducted after about two weeks from the date of the conclusion of the examination in OBE mode remotely.

• The date sheets for these additional examinations shall be released in due compliance with the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the conduct of examinations as formulated by the MHRD and notified by the UGC vide Ref. No. D.O.No.F.1-1/2020 (Secy) dated 8th July 2020.

• The students under the PWD category including the visually impaired students who have appeared for the OBE remotely and who wish to improve their grades shall be given the opportunity to improve their grades in these examinations. The best grades/marks secured by the PWD students based on these two examinations shall be taken into consideration for the preparation of results. (in compliance of the order dated 17.06.2020 passed by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in WP No. 3411/2020)

4. To make the examination process more seamless and smooth, the students, who have already filled their Examination forms can see their information for their unique paper codes along with the title of the examination papers, etc. The students who have never filled the examination form can fill the form through their dashboard. In case of any missing information or ambiguity, the students must inform their respective college through email (provided on the college website) to correct any errors in and/or to update their particulars such as mobile number, email address, unique paper code, etc. All the students are advised to access the examination portal from 21.07.2020 to 26.07.2020 and verify the correctness of their respective particulars.

5. The students who have not filled their examination forms due to any reason shall be given an opportunity to submit the same as per their respective scheme of examination and the span period. The students shall be given a time of four days beginning from 21.07.2020 and ending on 24.07.2020 to complete the process. The students are advised to enter the respective information and details of their respective papers carefully. The information as entered by the students will be automatically integrated with the examination portal, the colleges can verify the information received from students. Students of regular colleges and NCWEB who have not submitted their examination forms are advised to submit their examination forms directly on the portal ( latest by 24.07.2020. The students of SOL may update their examination forms at

6. To rule out the possibility of any data entry errors in the examination forms, the portal shall also be made accessible to the college through a link so that the colleges can double-check the details as entered by the students such as mobile no., e-mail address, unique paper code, description of papers. The process will start from 21.07.2020 till 26.07.2020.

7. The Mock Test shall be conducted in two phases to make the students familiar with the procedure of OBE to be conducted remotely.

• The first phase of the Mock Test will start from 27.07.2020 and will continue up to 29.07.2020. The tests will be conducted in three sessions each day. The schedule for the Mock Test will be notified by 24.07.2020.

• The second phase of the Mock Test will begin from 01.08.2020 and will continue up to 04.08.2020. The second phase of mock tests will be based on the real-time and single paper of each program of the final semester/year of undergraduate and postgraduate program of the current batch. There will be three sessions of tests each day. The session wise schedule of the Mock Tests will be notified by 28.07.2020.

8. The guidelines as issued on 30th May 2020 and 1st June 2020 related to the conduct of OBE for Undergraduate courses and Postgraduate courses respectively shall be applicable for the rescheduled examinations to be conducted as per the revised date sheet notified by the examination branch except at point nos. 16 and 17 respectively.

9. All the facilities extended to the students under the Divyaang (PWD) category in general and the Visually Impaired students in particular such as the provision of study material/reference texts, assistive devices, and the facility of scribe for the OBE shall continue to be applicable for the rescheduled examinations. (Reference: Notifications issued on 04.06.2020, 22.06.2020 and 29.06.2020)

10. Facilities available at college and departments of University will be made accessible to students belonging to the PWD category in general and Visually Impaired (VI) in particular so that ICT infrastructure is available to the students with the prior information during the scheduled examination in OBE mode to be conducted remotely. The facility will be available to other students as well with prior information and with the conditions of adherence to guidelines of social distancing and safety measures.

11. As notified earlier, the facilities of ICT infrastructure to be provided to the students for the OBE at the Common Service Centre (CSC) engaged by the University shall be made available to the students for the rescheduled examinations also as per the new date sheet notified by the examination branch (Reference: Notifications issued on 30.05.2020, 01.06.2020 and 22.06.2020)

12. The procedure notified earlier on 02.07.2020 for downloading the question papers and uploading the scanned images of answer sheets for the OBE along with the details of the portal shall remain the same as before.

13. The provisions made for the redressal of grievances/queries of the students, if any, related with the OBE including those related with the date sheets shall remain the same as notified earlier by the Examination Branch

14. The different guidelines as has been issued to the Deans/Heads/Principals of the Faculties/Departments/Colleges regarding the conduct of the OBE shall remain unchanged for the rescheduled examinations.




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