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Delhi University, DU had yesterday declared the online open book exams to be performed in the varsity- the Lady Shri Ram College has performed a survey respecting the exams.
Delhi University, DU has begun preparations for clenching exams through open-book mode. More than 68 percent of students have been announcing that they would not be able to carry the online exams. Lady Shri Ram College administered a survey that has indicated this data.
58 percent of the students in the poll have informed they have an internet connection with more than 45% of them acquiring a broadband connection. Still, the students were not in favor of seizing online exams or open book exams. The survey was administered recently when Delhi University indicated that it is scheduling to hold online open-book exams in case the COVID-19 circumstance does not normalize in the country. The nation has been in lockdown since March 24, 2020, now.
As per the survey, almost 71 percent of students notified that focussing on studies at their place of residence was a problem of assertion for them. 75.4 percent of the surveyed students said that they were under a lot of mental pressure or were suffering from emotional trauma due to the lockdown and the pandemic. Thus researching and concentrating on exams at present was not feasible for them.
Recently DU has published guidelines for the HODs to be attended in the case of administering exams. The exams would be performed both in online and offline mode as per the evidence received by the University staff. The varsity has been closed in the impression of the national lockdown and the education has taken a shift from physical to online modes of class which more than 58 percent of the students disagreed about not being able to attend.

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