JNU convocation

DU degree is in the midst of uncertainty. Delhi University students bother about obtaining their degree in time to ascertain a ‘bright’ future.

The annual convocation of Delhi University is quite a spectacle of jubilant. However, this year, things are different due to the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Our degrees will get postponed because of the countless problems that we had faced with online exams and other concerns. Kavita Behera, a student of JDMC who is one among the many DU students distressing about UGC’s strut — No exam, No degree.

Also, what I did in exams, will display in my mark sheet. Already, the completion of our graduation has been delayed because of the pestilence. Now we are in a state of absolute risk.

Students who have got admissions in prestigious colleges for masters programs have been given a deadline to submit their marksheets. And are in a state of utter confusion since their graduation is not yet exact as per the varsity. I earned admission to IIT Dhanbad and have to submit last semester marksheet by October 31. However, I’m unsure of how I’ll manage that because of this catastrophe.

The glitches

In one of my core papers, there were two tags — one for B Sc (Prog) Chemistry and the later was for B Sc (Hons) Chemistry. Both had a similar paper code, and I incorrectly uploaded my answer script on B Sc (Prog) tab, instead of the honors tab. When I realized my error, I informed the college and they said next paper me Dhyan rakhna ab kuch Nahi ho Sakta! When will the next paper be? How will I deliver the graduation certification to IIT? What’ll happen to my future? Why did the two courses have the exact question paper code?says a Samriddhi Vats, a pupil of B.Sc (Hons) Chemistry at Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences.

Also, the students who have enrolled themselves for Open Book Exams (OBE) have also grumbled of major technical snags that ensure a further delay in the l marksheet. Our future is in danger because students aren’t able to give online exams while attempting OBE! Students during the political science exam got two different question papers. This lead to a lot of unrest.


University authorities later said that the second one is the original question paper. What about those who endeavored the first one, like me? Will those pupils now have to give another attempt at online exams or wait to give it in offline mode? This will lead to a wait in getting our final marksheet and subsequently a delay in the degree. How will the students apply for higher education, in that case, asks Sneha Sarah Shaji, a student of Political Science (Hons), Hindu College.

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