World Hindi Day
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On 10 January 2023, the University of Delhi celebrated World Hindi day to promote the Hindi language. The venue of the event was Vice Regal Lodge, a convention hall at University. Moreover, in the event lectures were delivered on the importance of the Hindi language.

The chief guest of the event was. Sachchidanand Joshi, Member Secretary at IGNCA. He focused on Hindi vocabulary and said it’s a requirement to assimilate technical words from other languages into Hindi vocabulary. Further, he said it’s not necessary to speak Hindi formally,  it can be spoken informally too and it will have the same effect. 

During the event, Delhi University Director of South Delhi Campus; Professor Anoop lather; and Professor Prakash Singh, Convenor of the Centenary Celebration Committee. Also, Professor Rajni Abbi; Prof Neera Agnimitra, and many officials, students, and teachers were present. 

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Role of Hindi In NEP 2020

The chief guest talked about the role of the Hindi Language in NEP 2020, he said it is necessary to add local languages to the curriculum. Because if local languages are not added to the curriculum, it prevents rural government school students from getting higher education.

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Besides, he said, “We all have an inferiority complex about the Hindi language. We think that if we speak Hindi it will undermine us.” Similarly, DU VC Yogesh Singh said that Hindi is a language of love and personal touch. It is a very popular, easiest, and simple language in the world.

World Hindi Day Celebration: Challenges for the Hindi Language 

Furthermore, the DU Vice-Chancellor Prof. Yogesh Singh talked about the challenges faced by Hindi. He said Hindi doesn’t receive any kind of support from the government. But still, it is a language that is flourishing and one of the most popular languages.

Moreover, VC said it’s not that Hindi was not the language of government work in the British era but also not in the post-independent era. He stated, “We appreciate South Indians’ effort in making Hindi a national language in the constitution. However, Hindi didn’t receive such cooperation from the North Indian people.”

Hindi is Flourishing 

During the event of World Hindi Day, the VC also shared the Prime Minister’s efforts in introducing Hindi outside the nation’s borders. He said PM Narendra Modi, addresses foreign countries in Hindi to increase its value. By 2047, India will become a fully developed country. It will lead to an increase in the popularity of Hindi also. 

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