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In the world full of competition, the notion of the holistic development of a student is being highlighted. Extracurricular achievements’ section on one’s CV has been getting a lot of attention of late. Considering all this, DU’s decision to scrap off ECA Quota has come across as a disappointment amongst students and parents.

DU Has Officially Announced To Scrap Off The ECA Quota University of Delhi’s notice with respect to admission to college classes for the scholastic year 2020-21 expresses that the affirmation under the ECA amount will occur just for two classifications – National Cadet Corps (NCC) and National Service Scheme (NSS).

This choice comes in the wake of COVID-19 when social separating standards are to be followed everywhere throughout the nation.

Admissions under these types, as well as the sports sector, will be founded on certificates. No trials would take place for the identical.

The Scrapping Of ECA Quota A Matter Of Concern For Students as the University of Delhi has been performing admissions under numerous ECA categories. Apart from NCC and NSS, these included Dance, Quiz, Theatre, Fine Arts, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Debate, Creative Writing, etc.

Each DU college can give admission under this quota for not additional than 5% of its seats. In 2019, admission criteria under the ECA quota spotted 25% of the weightage on Certificates while 75% on the ECA Trials.

A considerable quantity of students was dangling on the ECA Quota to get into some of the prestigious colleges of the University of Delhi. They had settled in a lot of effort throughout their schooling years to create a differing profile.

Contemplating the sky-high cut-offs that DU is renowned for, many aspirants find ECA quota a boon in disguise for themselves.

A premier organization of India, the University of Delhi receives its popularity by the different environment that it offers to students, which encompasses academics, sports, as well as extracurriculars.

Every college in the University has its vibe and furnishes a surplus of chances to the students.

Recent and ex-students of the university would back me up on the validity that the environment and understanding here is to die for. And it is the college societies that strengthen on to this vibe.

A glance at the active DU atmosphere. Students showcasing their skill after rigorous practice trials
Students who are a portion of these societies experience rigorous practice to characterize their college at different levels of competitions. ECA quota used to assure admission to extremely talented students.
Students and parents find scrapping of the quota totally, a discriminatory decision. They think that the university could have attempted online trials. But it appears that the university doesn’t have sufficient infrastructure in spot for the same.
Parents also suggested pre-recorded videos for the trials. Regardless, the authenticity of such tapes would have been controversial.

People got to Twitter to exclaim the University of Delhi for its conclusion Students and parents think that the decision is unjust for the students who have been facilitating their talents for years. Unhappy students ratifying the plea why ECA Quota Only For NCC & NSS.

The epidemic has accentuated the flaws in the educational institutes across several countries. Lack of infrastructure and planning has harshly impacted thousands of students in India. How far will the beginners have to suffer for no mistake of their own?





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