DU officials held a webinar today. The webinar was conducted by Shobha Bagai, Dean (Admissions) along with Haneet Gandhi, Deputy Dean (Admissions), and Suman Kumar, a member of the Admissions branch.


Here are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions by the students:

Q. If any student has uploaded the documents and not written self-attested, what will happen?

A. It is advisable to upload the self-attested photocopies of the documents. But if any person has uploaded the documents already, the University will check the authenticity of the documents carefully. If a photocopy is not available, then you can use certain software that will allow you to self-attest the document electronically.

Q. For what courses, is Maths a compulsory subject?

A. Maths is compulsory for Economics (H.), B. Com (H), compulsory for certain science courses. In Section II of the Bulletin, the minimum eligibility criteria and requirements for each course are mentioned. The students must read this section before applying for any merit-based course.

Q. What is the position of Maths in different entrance-based courses?

A. Maths is a compulsory subject for BMS, B.A. Hons. (Business Economics) and BFI. Almost 50% of the entrance-based syllabus for JAT has Maths in it.

Q. The result for some students is awaited, therefore, what should be filled in the Results section?

A. The students should fill results awaited in the results section. Once the results are declared, students will get a chance to upload their results on the portal.


Q. Many students are unable to find Law, BPT, Bachelor’s in library sciences, and B. Ed. Courses in the undergraduate portal. Where to find these courses?

A. These courses are available at the postgraduate level. Not at the undergraduate level. To be eligible for these courses, students are required to have an undergraduate degree. Information regarding these courses is available in the PG Bulletin.

Q. What will be the mode of entrance examinations?

A. The Ministry, Government, and the NTA are all thinking about the mode of examinations for all the major exams. As soon as the University receives some clarity, we will inform the students about it through the website.

Q. What is the registration process for the six minority colleges in the University?

A. For Christian Minority Colleges, like, Jesus and Mary College and St. Stephen’s College, the student will have to register separately. First, the Delhi University form is o be filled. Then the separate forms of the two colleges must be filled. The other four Sikh minority colleges do not have this criterion. The only way to register to these colleges is through the Delhi University admission form.

If a student is from the unreserved category, he/she can also apply to these minority colleges provided they can satisfy the eligibility criteria and the cutoff.

Q. Students who do not have the latest reservation certificates, what should they do?

A. Those students who do not have the latest reservation certificates should apply for it online. The e-certificates are being issued by the government. The University of Delhi considers only the central list for reservations and not the state list. The students should read the section 4 and 5 for the Bulletin to get more information about reservations.

Q. Does Delhi University have a B. Sc. Biotechnology course?

A. Delhi University does not offer this course. This subject is considered in the best four in several science courses.

Q. Does this registration form allow admission to a diploma or foreign language courses?

A. No. If a student wishes to take admission in any diploma or foreign language course offered by any college, then the student will have to visit the official website of the college.

Q. Where to find the information for Best Four marks in the Bulletin of Information?

A. This information is available in Section 2 of the Bulletin.

Q. Does a student need to apply for each cutoff separately?

A. No. Once a student has filled the form, he/she will be eligible for all the cutoffs.

Q. What is the CW Ward quota?

A. There are sub-categories in the CW Ward quota. Information regarding this is available in the bulletin.

Q. Is there any provision for domicile for the Delhi students?

A. No, there is no such provision. Only a category of Kashmiri migrants is there.

Q. Is ECA or Sports Quota applicable for the entrance test courses?

A. No.

Q. Is there any reservation for Jainism?

A. No.

Q. Is a separate form to be filled for merit-based courses?

A. No. This is the only form to be filled for all the courses. The application for multiple merit-based courses is allowed.

Q. Is there a separate procedure for NRI admissions?

A. A separate website for foreign students is there. The website is This website is for those students who have a passport of some non-Indian nationality. But if the student is an NRI, who has an Indian passport, there is no quota for such students.

Q. Can one year drop out students apply?

A. Yes, such students can also apply. There is no deduction in percentages for such students.

Q. Can a degree course be pursued along with a diploma course?

A. Yes.

To see the full video of the webinar, click here.

This webinar is a part of a series of webinars that will be conducted by the University to help the students throughout the admission process.



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