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DU admission: For admission in PCM, PCB, subjects at the undergraduate level in Delhi University, this time also the formula of 70-30 will be used in the weightage of theory practical. There has been no change in this formula due to the Corona epidemic. For DU admission with this formula, the student must pass separately in theory and practical. Students have to fill these different marks in their application form. If the theory-practical marks are not different then they have to fill the total marks obtained in that subject.

In the online webinar being organized by DU to give admission information, it is constantly being said that if a paper has a part of the theory and practical, then it will be considered in 70:30 only. The weightage of theory and practical is 30 percent in science in CBSE board XII. Whereas in other boards it is part of 60:40 or 50:50. In such a situation, it will be changed at 70:30 only. If the theory paper is of 70 marks then pro-rata will be adopted.

Right now since the application process is going on, in such a situation, while filling the marks, students have to keep in mind that it is necessary to pass separately in theory and practical. It is advised not to make any mistake in filling these marks in the application form. It will be the responsibility of the student to fill in the wrong marks. Filling wrong marks can also lead to the cancellation of the application form.

Especially those students who have to pay attention whose practicals are more than 30 marks. On the other hand, if someone has also got internal assessment marks in the mark sheet, then he will not be included in the calculation of marks. It is noteworthy that admission to science courses in DU is not based on the best four subjects but based on Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM), Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB).

The full fee will be refunded on cancellation of admission or migration The application process for admission to undergraduate, postgraduate, MPhil-PhD courses is underway in the University of Delhi in the academic session 2021-22. The admission process is likely to start in October. During that time, if any student cancels the admission or gets migration, then his full fee will be refunded. However, the deadline for this has been fixed till October 31. This facility will be given for this year’s admission process as a special case due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The parents are facing many financial difficulties due to the lockdown due to the corona pandemic and related factors. Because of all these reasons, the full fee will be refunded. If any student cancels the admission or migrates till 31st October, the fee will be refunded to him along with all the fees. No fee will be deducted. After this, in case of cancellation or withdrawal of admission till December 31, only an amount not exceeding one thousand rupees will be deducted from the fee and the remaining fee will be refunded. No fee will be deducted from this. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this arrangement has been made only for this year as a special case.

After the second cut-off in DU, the process of changing colleges starts. This continues till the final cut-off. During this, students keep shifting from one college to another. If the student cancels the admission or migrates till October 31, then his full fee will be refunded. But later some parts will be cut and returned.

Time-bound settlement of degree verification All universities and colleges in the country will have to deal with requests for the verification of degrees and certificates in a time-bound manner. Keeping in mind the difficulties of the students, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has written a letter to all the states and universities.


Secretary, University Grants Commission, Prof. A letter has been written on behalf of Rajneesh Jain to the Vice-Chancellors of Universities and Principals of Colleges. The students had sent a complaint in this regard to the University Grants Commission. He had written in his complaint that universities and colleges delay in the verification of degrees and certificates.

The Commission has authorized the universities to deal with the recommendations related to the verification of degrees and certificates in a time-bound manner keeping in mind the interests of the candidates. The UGC secretary said in a letter to the vice-chancellors, the UGC is receiving a large number of requests for verification of the authenticity of degrees and certificates awarded by various universities.

Moreover, the UGC is notifying the students from time to time that it does not verify the degrees and certificates. Whereas the verification of degrees and certificates has to be done by the respective universities.

Due to the occupation of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the situation there is very bad. In such a situation, Afghan students studying in DU are worried about their return to their homeland, visa, and studies. To overcome this concern of the students, the DU administration has extended a helping hand. DU Vice-Chancellor Prof PC Joshi and his team met the Afghan students living here and assured them of all possible help.


On Thursday, Vice-Chancellor Prof PC Joshi, Dean of Colleges Prof Baliram Pani, Registrar Prof Vikas Gupta, South Campus Director Prof Suman Kundu, Dean Students Welfare Prof Rajeev Gupta, and Deputy Dean Foreign Students Prof Amarjeev Lochan met the students of Afghanistan. The team listened and understood the problems of the students and assured them of help.

The students reported visa extension, ICCR scholarship, hostel, accommodation, and financial troubles. On this, he was assured that the university is with him and he will not be allowed to suffer. The students also expressed their concern about the situation in Afghanistan. Most of the students are worried about the expiry of their visas. The students doing the same PG want that by staying here some solution of their job should be solved.



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