As someone rightly said: Art is Freedom; Being able to bend things people usually see as a straight line.
Being a part of a Performing Arts society in Delhi University is something every fresher looks forward to, especially dramatics. Our film industry is filled with DU graduates, be it Shahrukh Khan or Anurag Kashyap graduating from Hansraj or  Imtiaz Ali- THE founding member of Ibtida: the dramatics society of Hindu College. Each year the dramatic circuit produces talented artists, excelling in their particular fields. Whether its an actor, musician, writer or a visionary director, you can find all the versatility at the same time, at the same place.  Delhi Univerisity is a dreamland for people, who aim to take a stand with their art and let their creation speak for them.
We, at Hansraj Dramatics Society, have constantly tried to let our art speak for itself. We aim to spread a message using theatre as a medium because we believe it has the power to convey the most darkest things in the lightest ways. Through our nukkad nataks, we send a voice to each nukkad and corner of the society.
In a world where technology resides on the throne,  we struggle to preserve the sanctity of theatre and the importance of art. Each one of us believes in the power of creation and looks forward to spreading the same passion and love for art in the upcoming batch.
Sanjana Choudhary.


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