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“Aaiye Aaiye, Naatak Dekhiye”, the most exciting and energetic call compels you to watch and enjoy the street plays created by the students of Delhi University. The vibe it creates leaves you stunned and urges you to join the Dramatics society in Delhi University.

A Dramatics Society is a safe space where artists put forward various social issues and the solutions before the crowd that makes the audience critically think and analyze their surroundings. The Delhi University Theatre Circuit (DUTC) Also works on the same principle to develop a sense of awakening in peoples’ minds.

Not only to the audience, but the plays also leave a huge impact on the artists. It gives them a different perspective to think and helps to enhance their mental productivity. Moreover, it helps for all around the development of students and builds confidence that aids throughout their lives.

If you are the one interested to shape yourself and make a big statement in the acting field, Delhi University’s theatre societies welcome you with open arms.

Every College has its unique Dramatics Society that works accordingly. Each society possesses some specialty but there’s always a competition of being the best. If you want to know the best DU Dramatics society, we have the answer for you. We handpicked the Top 5 Delhi University Dramatics Society with all the required details. The rankings will be based on the number of competitions won,  the content of the last annual production, reviews, and other factors.

So, Let’s begin! Top 5 Dramatics Society in Delhi University –

1. Dramsoc SRCC  – Shree ream College of Commerce

Society keeps making stage and street plays on a variety of themes with compassion and dedication to bring out the best before their audience.

Several performances of Blithe Spirit, a 60-minute play prepared by the society, an adaptation of the farce written by Noel Coward, were held all through the year.

Defective Ward, a 20-minute annual street play produced by the society on the social issue of mental illnesses saw several performances throughout the year. ‘Histrionica’, the annual performing arts festival featured the best street and stage plays in Delhi University.

The society arranged a talk session with Manoj Bajpayee, Rajkumar Rao, Piyush Mishra, and an exclusive workshop by Randeep Hooda.


  • The play Blithe Spirit was adjudged Best Play and awarded the 2nd prize at  Gargi College.
  • Vidushi Chadha was chosen the Best Actor and awarded the 1st prize at Hansraj College.
  • Jasdeep Sanghvi was adjudged Best Actor and awarded the 1st prize at BITS Pilani, PGDAV(M), JDMC, PGDAV(E).
  • Defective Ward was adjudged Best Play and awarded the 1st prize at  DTU, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, DUSU Cultural Festival, Deshbandhu College
  • Invited to perform Blithe Spirit at the prestigious Ateliers festival, Sahitya Kala festival, and Prithvi Theatre at NCPA.

2. Kehkasha- Jesus and Mary College

The world of Kahkasha revolves around setting a thought-free, making a voice heard, and an effort to make a difference in the world. Kahkasha creates a positive atmosphere every time it steps in to perform. Established in 2007, Kahkasha, the Dramatics Society of Jesus and Mary College is one of the most loved and prominent Dramatics societies of the Delhi Collegiate Theatre Circuit. The annual street play event, ‘AAWAZ’ is one of the most awaited events in the Delhi Theatre circuit. Our fest celebrates the beauty of theatre and gives people a platform to express their art.

The past productions — “Dua”, “The Other Side” and “Daawat” have been celebrated in and outside Delhi.


  • 1st- Mood-i Prelims Hosted Aawaz’19 and conducted workshops in Sanjay Camp, and public performances across Delhi.
  • 1st – Indian Institute of Foreign Trade
  • 1st – Institute of Home Economics
  • 1st – International Management Institute
  • 1st – Aryabhatta College
  • 1st – Satyawati College Eve.
  • 1st – Institute of Home Economics
  • 1st – Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of Technology
  • 2nd – Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology
  • 2nd – Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies

3. Ibtida- Hindu College


Ibtida was established in 1991 by the joint efforts of faculty members, as well as theatre enthusiast Mr. Imtiaz Ali, who went on to become the famous and much loved Bollywood director. Ibtida equally owes its legacy to the unrelenting hard work and dedication of its members. groups in the Delhi University theatre circuit. Society nurtures various forms of theatre ranging from the regular and classical stage performances to the more spontaneous and thoughtfully improvised street plays. Over the years, Ibtida has gradually incorporated electronic multimedia into the performances and at the same time, it also stands as one of the only colleges in Delhi University that still retains the old world art of mime theatre.

The annual Dramatic Fest ‘Medina’ is the most famous fest in Delhi University.


  • Annual Street Production (2019-20) won many prizes including competitions in SRCC, Zakhir Hussain College, Gargi College, Shivaji College, Noida Mahotsav, and NSD.
  • The annual Stage play production ‘, Rabt’ has also won prizes at SRCC, Dayal Singh, and Ramlal Anand College

4. Kshitij- Gargi College

Dramatics society In Delhi University

Kshitij, a name that only ever resonates with boundless enthusiasm and an undying passion for theatre, is not just The Streetplay Society of the college, but almost a way of life to its true blue members. A huddle brimming with amplifying energy, the resonance built on a common cry; giving life a new life within a circle, orchestrating your heartbeat to the tune of their song, Kshitij has nothing less to offer than a thrilling rush of blood.

With its intimate style and participatory approach, Kshitij has been using the holy Dafli and more alike, as instruments of socio-political change through their diverse themed plays for over a decade now.


Keshav Mahavidyalaya2nd
Trinity Institute of Professional Studies2nd
Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology1st
Best Actress: Monika Singh
Motilal Nehru College (E)Best Actress: Monika Singh
University College of Medical Sciences1st
GB Pant Engineering College1st
Best Actress: Monika Singh
Lakshmibai College1st
Sagar Nagpal1st
Best Actress: Monika Singh


5. Anukriti – Miranda House 

Miranda House takes pride in the creative productions of its dramatic societies that have carved a niche for themselves in the serious theatre circles of Delhi.

Anukriti, the Hindi Dramatic Society, has had an uninterrupted history of prestigious productions since 1957 and is now treated at par with professional theatre groups. Each year, it produces a range of Nukkad Nataks, i.e., street plays, one-act play,s, and a full-length play. The full-length play is the crowning event of the annual Anukriti calendar. Some of the more celebrated productions have been Khabsoorat Bahu, Godan, Jasma Odhen, Dhruvswamini, Reshmi Rumaal, Jia, and Kailasmani.


  • It has a very strong alumni base. The society has won various accolades throughout the country including prestigious competitions at colleges like BITS Pilani, IIT Kanpur, etc.
  • The Hindi Academy of Delhi collaborated with Anukriti for its th ambitious project, Dastaan Ek Shehzaadi Ki, during the celebrations of 150 years of the First War of Independence.
  • organizes workshops for students, often in close collaboration with the National School of Drama. Miranda House has several alumnae who are luminaries in the world of theatre, including Anuradha Kapoor, Tripurari Sharma, and Hema Singh.

With its intimate style and participatory approach, the Dramatic Societies in Delhi University has been using the holy Dafli and more alike, as instruments of socio-political change through their diverse themed plays for the audiences. The purpose is not only to entertain but to teach and make them aware of burning issues.


This was the list for the best 5 Dramatics Society in Delhi University.




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