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Every year, Delhi University’s cut-offs for Commerce courses create new records. While many get admissions, a large number of students also leave broken-hearted with dreams shattered. Though DU doesn’t offer BBA, there are two courses that it offers for Commerce students without entrance, i.e. B.Com Honours and B.Com programme and hence raises doubts and confusions about the two. While both the courses are built on the same grounds and deal with Commerce related subjects, there are a few differences that separate the two:

1. Speciality in Subjects:

While through B. Com Honours, students can specialize in subjects like Accounts or Economics, B. Com Programme rids them of that opportunity.

2. Maths as a Subject:

It is compulsory to have Maths as a subject in 12th for pursuing B. Com Honours through any college in Delhi University, while B.Com Programme can be done without it too.

3. Depth of Subjects:

While the subjects taught are more or less the same in both courses, in B. Com Honours they are taught in more depth than B.Com Programme.

4. Cut-offs:

Cut-off of B. Com Honours in all colleges is higher than that of B. Com Programme and hence B. Com Programme is also taken as an alternative by many who couldn’t clear for the Honours.

5. Demand:

Naturally, the industry demand for B.Com Honours is more than that of B.Com Programme.

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