Delhi University yoga week

Delhi University Yoga Week: The University has decided to organise yoga week from 21 June. This will organise to commemorate the International Day of Yoga. This year the world will observe the 8th International Yoga day.

Centenary Celebration: Yoga Week  

According to a variety of officials, yoga week is celebrated as part of the University centenary celebration. Moreover, note the date of yoga week: It will organise from 21 June to 27 June. 

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Yoga Camp-Cum Lecture 

Further, a yoga camp-cum lecture will conduct on 22 June. In this program, 1500 people will perform various asanas. To clarify, in this event 1500 people will gather. Including the research scholars, teachers, and students. Besides, the DU registrar Vikas Gupta said, “On 22 June, a yoga camp-cum-lecture will be held as a part of celebrating yoga week.” 

Who is the Chief Guest of Delhi University Yoga Week?

For the yoga week event ‘yoga camp-cum lecture’ which will organise on 22 June the university has appointed Baba Ramdev as chief guest. Accordingly, Associate Professor of Delhi University Department of Library, KP Singh said that on 22 June over 1500 people including research scholars, teachers and students will assemble. And, they will perform various forms of yoga asanas. He added Baba Ramdev, the Yoga Guru will  the chief guest of the event. 

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