Things about Delhi University which makes us Unhappy


‘Delhi University’ is a renowned university of India and that’s why it is quite difficult to make it up to a reputed college of DU. Among so many good things about DU there are also certain bad things that remain hidden under its glory. Few bad things that you will or might have encountered in your DU college life are:

1. Lack of Infrastructure

Most of students in Delhi University complain about lack of Infrastructure. The condition of buildings is unpalatable. Leaving some off campus and new colleges, most of the colleges are in similar condition and are in dire need of renovation. In fact, classrooms are so much jam packed that students suffer from suffocation.

2. Old structured curriculum

Another complaint that is heard often times from DU students is that they are not satisfied with the curriculum. The knowledge imparted here is totally theoretical without any practical use. Though colleges are equipped with science labs and computer labs yet   the education quality is not up to the mark.

3. Lack of hostel facility

Students from all over India take admission in Delhi University in hope of a quality education but all their hopes come to an end when they find University have very few hotels  that too are in grubby condition due to which students find it better to shift to a PG rather than a hostel room. According to students, other worst things about these hostels are the lame rules imposed on students.

4. Lack of placement opportunities

Though colleges have their own placement cell still the job offers are very less. Until you are from top of line college expecting a satisfactory job seems dumbness. That’s why most of students go for higher studies. Without higher studies chances of getting placed are almost zero.

5. DU Washrooms

Well, among the list of worst things about Delhi University, DU washrooms should be placed on top. Their condition is pathetic and similar to road side public toilets. Most of the time students raise issue of washrooms but are never heard by concerned authorities.

6. College Staff

Another thing DU students hold grudge against is college office staff. Many time students complaint about screwy behavior of college staff. For a single task they take more than enough time which definitely show their lazy behavior.

These are few problems that DU students face. Of course, student appreciate the facilities and education that are provided to them in minimal fee but if authorities could show a little more concern toward these problems , students can have a better learning experience.

-Anushikha Chaudhary


  1. Tbh I found almost all these reasons except hostel issue, completely false since thanks to God I’ve never faced any such issue.


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