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On Monday, the Delhi University (DU) administration declared that the Delhi government is yet to react to demands for an arrangement to talk about and fix funding-related issues in the state-funded colleges.

The Delhi government rejected the claims, saying the DU VC never looked for an arrangement yet said it was happy to talk about the issue with the university.

The Delhi University educated its executive council on Monday that it had kept in touch with the workplaces of Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi chief minister, and Manish Sisodia education minister over the most recent couple of weeks, looking for an arrangement to examine the fund crisis in 12 colleges in DU completely supported by the Delhi government.

A member of the EC, Rajesh Jha, the university’s highest decision-making body stated that for the last five months, they strongly opposed the Delhi government denying funds of its 12 colleges. The thousands of teachers and workers without any salary.

He further asked the administration of DU that what they are doing to settle the matter. The Pro-VC told them that the University has been attempting to look for an arrangement from the Delhi government to examine the issue yet have not gotten any reaction despite several requests.

Balaram Pani, Dean of Colleges said he had also written to the officers of education minister and chief minister petitioning them to meet and settle the problem. But the Delhi government didn’t respond.

The dean of South campus and dean of Colleges have also strived a meeting from the Delhi government. He said that the university is very eager to meet the education minister and CM to settle the matter as soon as possible.

On Monday, In a statement issued Delhi government said the allegation is completely fake. DU Vice-Chancellor has not strived any meeting appointment from either the Deputy CM or CM. Moreover, the deputy CM had assembled a conference with the DU V-C to examine this issue before requesting an autonomous review and composed a few letters to him as well.

He refused to join the meeting and didn’t try reacting to letters from the Education Minister and CM. In the event that he’s actually willing, he’s free to meet and examine this issue in the following 2-3 days.

The Delhi government has been at the loggerheads with 12 colleges of Delhi University, which it completely assets, over the arrival of grants throughout the previous a half year.


While the principals charge they have not had the option to pay their staff since May as grants have not been given, the Delhi government says with enough assets have been given in the current scholarly year.

The government has likewise requested an autonomous review in six of the 12 colleges over the misappropriation of assets.



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