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Delhi University OBE: On Monday, As Delhi University’s online open-book examinations started up, the teachers expressed doubt over its feasibility in the long run and moreover languished the lack of guidelines to assess students under the recent exam mode.

The varsity has kept up that it is choosing the open book examination mode as a one-time measure during the coronavirus pandemic.

The modern exam mode has ended anxiety for over 2 lakh students who now know that since they have taken the exams, they will receive their results and can apply for further studies, notified by Arun Attri, a professor of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College

He, also explained that the open book exam is not a reasonable alternative in the long run for the varsity which is known for its commerce and humanities courses.
These exams might be feasible for engineering and science learners but won’t fulfill the basis for commerce and humanities courses.

A teacher told such a mode of examination also brings up concerns over cheating and intention of defrauding means by students.

He said teachers have heard about students sharing answers on social messaging outlets such as WhatsApp.

The educator included that its absolutely impossible to check such things. The responses to numerous questions are effectively available on the net and understudies will simply duplicate them. How would we know whether an understudy has really understood what he has written? It is disadvantageous for the individuals who really put in hard work and get ready for the exams.

Delhi University Teachers’ Association treasurer Abha Dev Habib told that all students have the same study material. Before the pandemic, the students would visit libraries and take additional notes. But now it is not possible.

She said that she have sent the same notes to every student and they will be answering on identical material.



Abha, who teaches at Miranda House, told educators are awaiting transparency on how they will examine the answer sheets. They do not know whether they will be mailed the answer sheets or provided a login to the portal. They do not know which software will be utilized to examine the answer sheets. There has been no tutoring given to them.

Pankaj Garg, former academic council member and a professor of Rajdhani College, agreed with Abha and said that there is a fair chance that there would be swapping of the pages while scanning and uploading, this would confuse the sequence. educators will have to be very careful while checking all those papers which belong to the same question.
Garg further added that It is possible that while a student is scanning the answer sheet it may get blurred and hence it is difficult for a teacher to check it.

A Kashmiri student of Dyal Singh College while sharing his experience of giving the online open-book examination said that nothing can compare to the pen and paper exams. As he had access to the study material and don’t realize that giving the online exam is worthless.

Another understudy said such a test mode is not trustworthy and educators have no way to check whether the understudies are composing the appropriate responses or another person in their place. The understudies are likewise not intense about these tests since they have study materials.



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