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Delhi University is preparing for its second phase of exams. However, teachers are assessing answer sheets of the main stage exams, held in the online open-book design.

Teachers indicate that an absence of guidelines regarding a uniform checking plan and lopsided allotment of answer sheets are preventing revisions.

Moreover, some educators additionally communicated misgiving over the names of students showing up on the appropriate response sheets. And brought up that no cutoff time has been given to them for finishing the assessment.

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Problems faced by Delhi University teachers while assessing answer sheets:

Thee appropriate response contents have not been similarly distributed, said an educator from Keshav Mahavidyalaya, who is assessing Maths answer contents. Ordinarily, one educator needs to check 100-150 answer sheets. But this time he has 300 sheets, which is a tremendous number, particularly to check when online classes are on.

Usually, the head examiner assembles a conference on the main day of assessment and a stamping plan is given to make the cycle more uniform. For instance, to tackle any Maths condition, different advances lead to the arrangement.

The checking plan would reveal to us what number of marks to give students for what number of steps finished. Without that, each instructor can mark subjectively.

A teacher of Sociology at JDMC said some teachers indicated the applicant’s names on the appropriate response sheets are a reason for concern. A few students in their tension or disarray have composed their names on their answer sheets alongside the roll number.

So it’s not difficult for them to check the answer sheets. Delhi University has not endeavored to keep the mystery of the names, which is an issue.


She further added that the marking scheme is also needed for Humanities subjects. For instance, sociologist M N Srinivas utilizes four ideas to make a contention, they would talk about that every idea should convey five imprints, and students ought to be assessed appropriately. This time there is nothing of the sort.

A marking scheme must be given to guarantee reasonableness, said a teacher of BSc Physical Sciences at Shyamlal College. In the paper teachers were assessing, one inquiry was out of syllabus. So it decreased the alternatives for students. There’s no clearness on if and how it ought to reflect in their marking.

A guest teacher of Maths at a North Campus college stated that there is no clearness on what is the last day for assessment. The email to them announces to assess answer sheets as far as possible however no time limit has been mention.

Particular And Clear Rules Ought To Be Given To Keep Up Consistency In The Assessment Cycle:

Six individuals from the Indian National Teachers’ Congress, including Academic Council member Ratnesh Rajan Saxena, additionally kept in touch with the DU V-C in regards to the issues.

Kindly guarantee that each subject explicit evaluator is doled out not in excess of 25 answer contents at first and not surpassing 50 answer contents to be assessed. D S Rawat, Acting Dean Examinations couldn’t be gone after the remark. Balaram Pani, Dean Colleges didn’t react to calls and messages.



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