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St. Stephens College of Delhi University has asked its students who were lately residing in the college hostels to visit the hostels and take away their belongings. The St Stephens college has granted five days to the students who were previously availing the hostel facilities to vacate the hostel rooms. Students have been asked by the hostel authorized to visit between June 29 to July 1 and take back all their belongings. The college has asked to do so so that the rooms can be made ready for the upcoming batch of students.

The coronavirus pandemic has spread its germs all over the nation while daily has become the major base camp for the disease. In this extraordinary yet risky time, parents and students are scared to visit Delhi where the situation has worsened in the past few weeks. The Students Union of Delhi University has also written letters to the Dean of Residence and Principal of St. Stephens requesting to let students keep their belongings in the college hostel until the situation gets stable.


The students have asserted that visiting Delhi will not only be risking their lives and health but also putting an extra financial burden on their families. The students included that they will not only have to visit Delhi but also have to be in quarantine for the next 15 days. Many students don’t even have any relatives or friends residing in Delhi. The college has put forward the notice to vacate the hostels as it wants to renovate, paint and sanitize the hostel but that can be done once the admission process gets over. As per the new academic calendar released by the DU the second and final year students will have to get back to the colleges before the fresher’s batch.

Both students and parents are scared of the present coronavirus situation and it’s next to impossible for them to visit Delhi in such a situation. The letter by the student union stated that there are still restrictions imposed on interstate travel which will further be a problem for the students to load back their belonging with them. Furthermore, there are many students who reached back their hometown a few days back and are still in-home quarantine and cannot go out. The time period granted to vacate the rooms is simultaneously coinciding with the final year exams. Students were already tensed with the upcoming exams and now the college’s latest notice has mounted the level of tension.


The letter future included that not every student studying at Delhi University has a local guardian and even if a few students have local guardians there is no guarantee that they will agree to visit their hostels in this pandemic time. The notice issued by the St. Stephens College is tending to put everyone’s life at risk.

The Students Union after two days did receive a reply in the form of notice from the Dean of Residence but it did not prove to be of much greater help. The letter stated that only intermediate students who were previously residing in the hostels are now required to vacate the hostels. The final year students who are supposed to appear for the exams have been relived fir the time being. The notice further stated that any other student to any problem is unable to come may contact the hostel authorities.



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