Delhi Shocker! ‘One in four women has faced sexual harassment in DU’

sexual harassment in du

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New Delhi: Running on top in academic excellence, DU is one of the best University of India. This educational institution attracts students from all over the world.

For improving safety standards UGC has declared certain guidelines for the universities functioning in India. There must be an anti-harassment panel- Internal Complaints committees, which dedicated towards the student’s safety inside the campus.

According to the safety audit produced by National Students’ Union of India- a student wing of National Congress (NSUI). The survey took place in 24 colleges of the University of Delhi, as a part of the audit report. The survey is done in response to around 810 students and 90% of the respondents were women.

The report indicates the facts and figures of University’s safety standards which clearly seemed to be ignored by some colleges. The report states that one out of every five students in the University suffers sexual harassment in form of physical assault, touching, groping, vulgar comments, staring and lewd gestures, social media trolling, stalking and things alike.
Taking figures into consideration, 20% of the total case registered are of physical harassment and rest 75% are of liberal forms.

In response, 80% of students tagged ‘Unresponsiveness’ from the working departments/ Colleges of the University. The students pointed ‘no response’ from the concerned authorities as the major reason for an unsafe environment. The report opened an issue of students not knowing about the panel working against harassment, the reason behind not getting familiar with such committees are their mysterious identities. The names of the members working for ICC are often not displayed prominently.

One of the members of NSUI said- “Such audits will be conducted in other prominent universities across the country in the coming days. On May 1, there will be a march in Delhi University North Campus demanding steps for safety of women on the campus.”

There are some recommendations which must be taken into action on like installation of CCTV cameras, prohibition of public drinking, an appointment of guards in public buses and most important democratically elected members for ICC.


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