The University of Delhi in its recent notification has released various rules and guidelines for the students residing in DU hostels. Delhi University on 19th August issued a notification permitting the students to reside in DU hostels with limited facilities and strict guidelines. The University has further instructed the hostel authorities to take proper care of the students and follow strict social distancing norms. The following guidelines and rules have been issued by the University of Delhi to curtail the spread of the virus in hostel premises:

Interaction with DU Hostel Students

The University of Delhi in the notification said that it is very essential to interact with the hostel residents regularly for an update on their difficulties and boost their morale. Therefore, Delhi Univerity Hostel Authorities are advised to devise a method to ensure the availability of at least one person for regular interaction with the residents. Delhi University to keep a check on students’ safety and comfort, has asked DU hostel authorities to install a system to interact with students residing in hostels daily.

Social Distancing Norms in DU Hostels

The notification further said that the hostel students are allowed to wander, play, practice yoga and spend time together within the hostel premises in a limited number by following the social distancing norms issued by the government.

Common Room & Gym to Remain Close

DU Hostels are allowed to reopen the Computer Room, TV Room, Library, and Reading Room for the benefit of the hostel residents but must ensure social distancing between the students while they use all such hostel facilities. However, Common Room and Gym in hostels shall remain closed till further order.

Students Not Allowed to Leave DU Hostels

Furthermore, Hostel Authorities are instructed not to permit residents to leave the hostel premises except for medical emergency/reasons. To ensure the safety of students amid coronavirus, DU has asked its hostel authorities not to allow students to step out of the hostels.


Arrangement for Medicines and Essential Items

Hostels are further advised to make arrangements for medicines and other essential items for their students through alternate resources/staff including online stores to avoid their residents leaving the hostel premises frequently.

Restriction on Entry of Guests and Outsiders

The notice reads that entry of the guests and outsiders to remain restricted in all the Delhi University hostels, till further order. Also, the coupon sale for the Mess Facility will remain restricted in all the University hostels, till further order.

DU Hostels to Minimize their Running Expenses

University Hostels are further advised to minimize their running expenditures towards staff/manpower as very few students are dwelling in the hostels. Notice further included that hostels that are located within a common hostel complex or are located very nearby may opt for the centralized safety, sanitation, lawn, and office staff/services to undervalue their running expenditures.

Packed Food or Tiffins to be Provided in DU Hostels

The hostels in which very few students are residing may arrange ‘Packed Food’ or ‘Tiffin’ from the neighboring hostels (according to the printed/actual meal charges) in view to undervalue mess operating expenses for the limited number of the hostel residents.

No Mess Fee to be Charged from Students not Resinding in Hostels

DU hostels are also advised not to charge mess fees and solely charge 50% of the monthly water and electricity charges from the students who vacated their rooms as per the University of Delhi notice dated March 19th, 2020.

Final Year Students Allowed to Vacate DU Hostels

The Final Year students who want to vacate their hostel rooms are allowed to visit their hostel rooms to take back their belongings under the stringent supervision of the hostel administrations. Final year students residents must pay their dues and take the no dues from the hostel. They must also follow the MHA guidelines for COVID-19. Also if any residing student wishes to vacate Delhi University’s hostel room, for whatever justification, they may be allowed to vacate their hostel rooms after clearing the dues, if any.

The University has further advised the hostel authorities that the well-being of all assistant DU staff should also be equally prioritized. The notification instructed the hostel authorities to ensure proper safety for assistance staff and manpower workers.


Hostel Premises to be Sanitized Regularly

Moreover, hostel authorities are instructed to sanitize the University hostel premises regularly and to retain a safe and sanitary atmosphere within the premises.

DU Hostels to Adhere to the Notifications of Delhi University

The University has further asked hostels to follow various notification and announcements released by the University of Delhi time from to time.

Phased Entry of the Bona-fide Ph.D. Students to the Delhi University Hostels

Only Bona-fide Ph.D. students allowed to Return to Hostels

The notification states that only registered bonafide DU Ph.D. students should be allowed to return to the hostels and that too in a phased manner. The University will give the first preference in a phased manner to Ph.D. students. However, all such students will be obliged to self-quarantine themselves for 14-days in their respective hostel rooms. The WUH health center will further conduct the screening of all such students.

Ph.D. Students to Attend their Research Laboratories after 14-days Quarantine

After the completion of the 14-days quarantine time, University hostels are notified to permit such Ph.D. students to heed their respective research laboratories. All such students will be required to furnish evidence in the form of a letter from their respective supervisors that they are visiting their research laboratories. All such students will also be authorized to adhere to the guidelines of the phase-wise entry system.

The University of Delhi commenced its academic session for the year 2020-21 from 10th August. The online classes for all the semesters are however being conducted online. Various students residing in Delhi University hostels left the hostel premises before mid sem break in March. However, various students are still residing in the hostel premises to avoid the risk associated with traveling amid coronavirus. Delhi University has relaxed some of its hostel charges and has asked the students to pay the rest.



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