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The syllabus panel of Delhi University has directed to drop the word ‘Hindu’ from the titles of two chapters on B.R. Ambedkar in an elective paper. It includes content related to the Hindu social order and talks about the treatment of women.

The university standing committee on syllabus and content has held an objection to the word ‘Hindu’. So, it recommended removing the word from the titles of two chapters based on Ambedkar. The two chapters are named: Ambedkar on Caste and Critique on Hindu Social Order and Rise and Fall of Hindu Women.

However, several teachers alleged it was part of an effort to cleanse the school and university syllabus: the content that was objectionable to Hindu religious ideologies. 

A faculty member of the committee of courses, Sukumar said that in mid of May, the committee of courses discussed the suggestions with the general motto of being opposed to the proposal.

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He said, “The original writings of Ambedkar have the word ‘Hindu’ and all his analysis of the social system is in the Hindu society context. So, we can’t amend a single word from the titles of two chapters. 

Further, the academic council will decide on 26 May. Earlier standing committee recommended dropping the elective paper on the Philosophy of B.R Ambedkar. But on Monday, committed decided not to drop the paper but to convert it to contemporary thinkers in general. As a result, Delhi University Philosophy department dissents this decision. 

Besides all these suggestions, the committee also recommended changes in an undergraduate political science paper. It said to drop Allama Iqbal from the paper Modern Indian Political.

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