CES 2024-25

Delhi University is now accepting applications for its Competence Enhancement Scheme (CES) for the academic year 2024-25. CES 2024-25 scheme allows students to enroll in papers offered by university departments and colleges. It is available for semesters I, III, and V from July to December 2024.

What is CES 2024-25?

It is an initiative by Delhi University aimed at enhancing educational opportunities for everyone. Prof. Sanjay Roy, Director of the Institute of Lifelong Learning at Delhi University, shared details about the scheme. He said this aims to provide lifelong learning opportunities. This is per the NEP 2020. The scheme is open to learners of all ages. It allows them to study alongside regular students in existing courses.

CES 2024-25 Goals

  • Help those who missed out on education earlier.
  • Upgrade academic and professional skills with modern technology and knowledge.
  • Enable both senior and non-senior citizens to continue learning throughout their lives.

Eligibility for CES 2024-25

Anyone who meets at least the minimum eligibility criteria can apply. They must also meet any specified prerequisites. Admission depends on seat availability in the respective departments and colleges. CES seats are supernumerary. This means there are extra seats beyond the regular capacity.

How to Apply for CES 2024-25

For more information on available papers, eligibility criteria, registration, and fees, candidates should check the CES e-brochure. This can be found on the University’s admissions portal (www.admission.uod.du.ac.in). It is also available on the Institute of Lifelong Learning website (www.illl.du.ac.in).

Interested candidates can register for CES 2024-25 papers through the following link: [CES Registration](https://ces.du.ac.in/index.php/site/login). For any questions or clarifications, candidates can email the Institute of Lifelong Learning at ces@illl.du.ac.in.

Key Points to Remember

  • Applications are open for CES 2024-25.
  • The scheme is for semesters I, III, and V from July-Dec 2024.
  • It is open to learners of any age.
  • Admission is based on eligibility and seat availability.
  • More details can be found in the CES e-brochure on the university websites.
  • Registration is available online.


The Competence Enhancement Scheme 2024-25 offers several benefits. It helps those who missed out on education earlier to catch up. It upgrades academic and professional skills using the latest technology and knowledge. It enables both senior and non-senior citizens to continue learning throughout their lives. This aligns with the goals of the NEP 2020, which emphasizes lifelong learning and inclusivity in education.


Delhi University encourages everyone interested in enhancing their competence to apply for CES 2024-25. This is a unique learning opportunity that can help fulfill educational dreams. It allows learners to upgrade their skills and knowledge. By joining CES 2024-25, students can benefit from studying alongside regular students in a vibrant academic environment. The scheme not only helps individuals grow but also contributes to building a more educated and skilled society.

For more detailed information, prospective candidates should refer to the CES e-brochure available on the University’s admissions portal and the Institute of Lifelong Learning website. This will provide comprehensive details on the available papers, eligibility criteria, registration process, and fee structure.

Delhi University looks forward to welcoming a diverse group of learners to the CES 2024-25 program. This initiative supports the vision of inclusive and continuous education for all. Apply now and take the first step towards enhancing your educational and professional journey with Delhi University’s CES 2024-25.

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