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In view of the situation arising due to Covid-19, Delhi University may also reduce its syllabus so that the session can run smoothly. A senior DU official said that We are considering all the possibilities that do not affect the students’ semester. It is known that DU can start admission from the last week of September or after. In such a situation, there is also the challenge of saving a semester in front of DU.

A senior Delhi University official said that the Central Board of Secondary Education, ICSE, and other institutions have also cut their courses. We are also thinking in that direction. It is not yet decided how much the course will be cut. It may be noted that CBSE has reduced its curriculum by 30 percent and ICSE by 25 percent. However, no central university has announced such cuts yet.

There is a plan to complete the students’ studies during winter vacation due to Corona infection. Apart from this, other holidays will also be canceled or cut. Holidays during semester break are likely to be done.

The application process for Bachelor, Masters, MPhil, and Ph.D. in DU has been extended till 31 July. There will be Delhi University entrance examinations in September, followed by admission. But there will be more delays in the admission of Masters than Graduates. It is very likely that the Master’s final results of other universities also come by October. DU has an open book exam scheduled from August 10. These exams are to be held by the end of August after which copies will be checked. Then the result will be released.

DU usually starts a new semester every year from 20 or 22 July and the first semester examinations will be conducted by November-December. But this time till 31 July, the application date is the same. After this, from 1 August to 31 August, students are being given the option to update the form. After that, the entrance examinations will be held in September. After that their result will come. DU, meanwhile, will release its first cutoff list by the end of September. There is a possibility that the admission ends in October. In this case, students will get less time to study in the first semester. Therefore, the course is being considered short.

There can be a solution without course deduction
A senior DU professor says that a semester can be completed even without course cuts. But this will have to be reduced first to a cold carpet holiday and later to summer vacation. However, we are still waiting for another academic calendar of the UGC.





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