Delhi University Marksheet Correction Fees to Double for Students

Delhi University Marksheet Correction
Delhi University hikes it's fees for corrections in marksheets and degrees.

Delhi University Marksheet Correction Fees to Double for Students

Delhi University marksheet correction fees to double! Learn how these changes could impact students financially and what to expect next.

Delhi University (DU) plans to double the fees for correcting mistakes in mark sheets and degrees. This move has sparked concern among students and faculty alike.

 Current Fees and Proposed Changes

    • Currently, students pay ₹500 for Delhi University marksheet correction in documents issued in the last six years.
    • For documents older than six years, the fee is ₹1,000.
    • The proposed change will double these fees:
    • ₹1,000 for Delhi University marksheet correction in documents issued in the last six years.
    • ₹2,000 for Delhi University marksheet correction in documents issued over six years ago.

Reason for the Fee Hike

    • The committee at DU recommends the increase.
    • This proposal will be discussed in the next Academic Council (AC) meeting on July 12.
    • The fee hike is seen as a way to generate more revenue due to reduced government funding.

Concerns Raised

    • Rajesh Jha, a former Executive Council (EC) member, opposes the fee increase.
    • Jha argues that mistakes in mark sheets are administrative errors.
    • Students should not bear the cost of Delhi University marksheet correction.

Context of Increasing Fees

    • The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Centre have pushed universities to generate more resources.
    • DU has already increased fees in other areas.
    • In December 2021, the annual University Development Fee (UDF) was increased by 50%.
    • The UDF was raised from ₹600 to ₹900 per student.

Financial Strain on DU

    • DU struggles with reduced grants from the UGC.
    • Laboratory grants have been significantly cut.
    • he UGC allocated only ₹1.25 crore for lab equipment, insufficient for purchasing necessary equipment.

Academic Structure Changes

    • DU introduced the UG Curriculum Framework (UGCF).
    • The UGCF includes a four-year duration with multiple exit options.
    • New passing and promotion rules require students to pass 50% of their papers in the first year to advance.
    • A loophole was identified where students could get promoted without passing any discipline-specific courses.
    • The committee recommends students acquire at least 28 out of 44 credits to get promoted.

Key Takeaways

• Double Fees for Corrections

– The fees for Delhi University marksheet correction and degrees will double if the proposal is accepted.

• Impact on Students

– Students will need to pay significantly more for Delhi University marksheet correction caused by administrative errors.

– The financial burden on students increases, especially in a time of reduced government support for public universities.

• University’s Financial Challenges

– DU faces reduced funding from the UGC, leading to increased fees for students.

– The university is seeking ways to generate revenue, including hiking correction fees and the UDF.

• Next Steps

– The AC meeting on July 12 will decide the fate of the proposed fee hike.

– The academic council will also review the recommendations on promotion criteria under the UGCF.


Delhi University’s proposal to double the correction fees for mark sheets and degrees has drawn criticism. The move is part of a broader strategy to cope with reduced government funding. However, students and faculty members argue that the burden should not fall on students. Those are errors made by the university’s administration. The upcoming AC meeting will be crucial in determining whether these changes will be implemented.


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