Delhi University ‘Forces’ Students to Return Home Amid Risk of Infection


In the wake of the COVID-19 breakdown, the University of Delhi has guided students to leave back to their homes for their own safety. The University has threatened its students to close down their mess if they remain in the hostel premises.

Due to the sudden increase in Covid19 cases, the University of Delhi does not want any student to remain in the hostel for the sake of their own safety. The international students are given advise finding a safer place.

A Kashmiri guy, who is the student of Delhi University says he cannot go back to his hometown just because of the infected areas and the hike in the flight prices so he decided to remain in his friend’s home but every student does not have this option. The University of Delhi must think about such students who cannot go back to their homes in this deadlock.

The University of Delhi has closed it’s all colleges including the teaching and nonteaching staff till 31st March 2020. It has barred the entry of students in college to this date on the college premises.

Instead of providing the basic facilities to students in this deadly breakdown the university is forcing them to leave the hostel and go back to their home towns. This is a thing which university is lacking in. The University must have provided the student with a better shelter with the sanitized room. The students are worried because it will be a great difficulty for them to move out in such a breakdown as the flights have high prices and it is not safe to travel in such a disastrous condition. As the prime minister has the advice to remain in homes and for the students studying in Delhi University who are in hostels has there home there only how can they leave. Thus the students are very worried about how to overcome this situation


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