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Delhi University Constitutes Working Group For Examinations

A working group has been constituted by the Delhi University. This working group will work on exam related issues due to the spread of the pandemic. This working group has ordered to look into the matters related to examinations, the process mode through which examinations will be conducted, angry proper steps that can be taken in force in this regard.

There is a total of 15 members in the working group hired by the Delhi University. This group includes Dean of the examination along with the 15 members and he will be the chairman of the working group. The members of this working group are from the Delhi University colleges and departments. Any expert can be hired if needed by the working group with prior approval.

DU 2020 examination has been released by the University of Delhi on April 20. Candidates can fill this examination form online through the official website of Delhi University. The last day of form submission is 15 May. This student can pay the examination fee through online mode or offline mode depending upon the comfort level. The students are requested to take a printout of the online exam form.

Earlier there was a proposal to promote first and second-year students without examination but after the release of the online examination form on the official website of Delhi University, there is a little clarification that the University is going to take the semester exams. However, the mode of the semester exam is not clear yet
All the departments and colleges under Delhi University has again requested to carry on interactive lectures through online mode in this pandemic. The Delhi University recommended some online teaching apps like OK Google Hangout, Google Meet, Google Classroom, Microsoft teams, zoom, and Discord. The University suggests the colleges that some teaching material should be updated on the website of the colleges for the students so that they may not find any difficulty.

The UGC has recommended a new academic calendar in which they have mentioned that the terminal exam can be held between 1st July and 15 July by the University. For intermediate semester the UGC has suggested holding the intermediate semester exams from July 16 to July 31. The UGC has recommended a deadline for the result declaration that is 31st July for the terminal semester exam and August 14 for the intermediate semester exams.

However, the DUTA and the Student Unions all have opposed the online semester examination because of several reasons. The student did not have proper internet access, some students even don’t have android phones. The University has circulated a feedback form for students which was regarding online teaching and the DUTA refuses to fill that feedback form.

Now, a working group of 15 members has been hired by the Delhi University who will study all the matter related to the conduction of exams. This working group will suggest the best way to conduct the semester examination this year keeping in mind the current situation.

~Neha Dhingra


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