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Twice this year, the Delhi government has supposedly discharged insufficient funds for the paychecks of teaching and none school personnel of 12 Delhi University schools, that too following a month-long postponement.


The colleges grumbled that the budgets discharged for two months were low to the point that they couldn’t completely pay the staff for even one month. It was before revealed how colleges were confronting reserves deficit and needed to bet on their investment funds to pay a few educators in March. The funds intended to come in January 2020 was discharged in March.


As per the approval letter administered by the directorate of higher education on late Thursday, Rs 18 crore 75 lakh has been discharged as a grant for the pay rates of 100% Delhi government-subsidized universities.


However, the head of one of the 12 universities whined that not just the sum was insufficient for even a month’s compensation, reserves authorized for one month’s pay goes to a yearly sum is generally not exactly last year’s.

To meet the hole in March, numerous colleges took credits from their understudy reserves or utilized investment funds implied for foundation ventures. ” But we can’t do that consistently. Indeed, even in this pandemic period, we should retain a few compensations, ” said another head.

The funds are barely meant for just pay rates, not different expenses like framework support and power bills, guaranteed ahead. “They have set a condition that unless colleges start their administering bodies(GB), there would be no funds. However, GB development is completely between the legislature and the college organization, ” said another principal.

An administration functionary, in any case, dismissed the charge, proclaiming full funds, according to the Delhi spending plan, had been discharged.

Delhi University’s staff members are not happy with the administration’s assistance and feel they are being treated as beggars.

~Priya Nagpal


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