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Source: The Indian Express

It has been three months since the Delhi University admission process commenced with the release of sky-high cutoffs. However, with the end of the admission process, seats under prominent courses in prestigious Delhi University colleges are still vacant.

DU aspirants who applied to Delhi University with the hope of seeking admission are upset over University’s decision to not to release further cut-offs despite the seats remaining vacant. Students claim the University’s decision to be unjustified as they were hoping for more cutoffs.

Vacant Seats under Reserved Categories

The admission process of DU ended on 31st December. However, undergraduate seats in several courses at Delhi University are still vacant. At the same time, a prevalent number of the seats are vacant under SC, ST, EWS, and OBC categories. As per the reports, over 6% of the seats are vacant under the EWS category.

Last year, the University increased the number of seats by 25% to introduce a 10% reservation in the EWS category. But the seats under the EWS category in DU are still vacant even after the advent of three months long admission process. Over 5% of seats are vacant under SC Category, 6% under the EWS category, 3% under ST category, and 1.5% under the OBC category.


Universities like GGSIPU after a few rounds of counseling throws upon the remaining reserved seats for SC, ST, and OBC to the waitlisted general category students. But Delhi University does not hold the provision to transfer the reserved category seats for general category students to fill out the vacant seats.

The elections for DU teacher representatives on the executive council and academic of DU are due in a month. While no political party is talking about this agenda and is only showcasing their past achievements in getting higher perks and pays. The seats remaining vacant in Delhi University even after the release of the 8th or 9th cutoff is a sure sign of cancer which is seizing the prominent university in its clutches.

What is the reason for not filling the seats in Delhi University?

President of Reserved Category Teachers Forum in Delhi University, Hansraj Suman said that the main reason behind the vacant seats is the non-reduction in high cutoffs by Delhi University Colleges. As per the data, more than ten thousand students applied for admissions under the OBC category but the seats remained vacant due to sky high cutoffs. In DU’s Aurobindo College, 40 seats are vacant under the EWS category and a similar situation is for the other reserved category seats.


No Admissions under Delhi University’s New Seats Plan

The University of Delhi earlier released a notification to admit five students each to DU colleges at the discretion of principals. However, the University later decided not to implement the contentious decision to enlist five supernumerary seats in its colleges, which was earlier announced as a one-time measure to assist registered students with an opportunity to seek admission in DU.

University of Delhi officials later asserted that no DU college has approached the DU administration with a proposal for admission on these give seats. Balram Pani, Dean of Colleges and spokesperson, DU later affirmed that the DU administration has decided not to enforce the five-seat proposal. He added that the decision has been taken since no DU colleges approached for admission on these seats. Dean of Colleges further added that the decision was taken to help students amid the pandemic, and the University cannot implement it when the decision is confronting enough criticism.




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