Delhi residents can breathe in ‘moderate’ air quality

Delhi AQI

Fresh air is as important as food and water to survive. People love to wake up in the early morning for fresh air. It not only soothes our mind but brings out positivity in our lives.

Still, air pollution has covered almost every corner of the land and people in the present generation are trapped with the pollution which results in many lung diseases. Nowadays, the world is suffering from Coronavirus. Our nation is under lockdown for many days and still, nobody knows for how long we have to stay at home. 

Fresh air around the nation: 

Amidst such a dangerous disease which is dispersing among every human being, one positive thing which is a real benefit for all of us is fresh air. For many years, the Nation’s Capital was under the pressure of high pollution but lockdown helped the fresh air to circulate in the surroundings.

Fresh air helps to improve the digestive system, makes a person happier, cleans the lungs, strengthens the immune system, and improves blood pressure and heart rate. Fresh air is important for everybody. It not only prevents us from diseases but also helps a person to be energetic and positive. 

Fresh air in Delhi: 

fresh air

According to the center run System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting And Research (SAFAR), the overall air quality index is observed at 117 at 7 am on Thursday. The pollution level is under the ‘moderate’ category in the National Capital. The concentration of major polluting particles including PM10 and PM2.5 docked at 125 (moderate category) and 50 (Satisfactory Category) respectively.

The areas which stood under the moderate category are Pusa, Delhi University, Indira Gandhi International Airport(T3), and IIT Delhi. Their air quality index is 102,122,127,108 and 133 respectively.

Old Delhi’s popular market place which is always surrounded by a higher level of pollution has come under the ‘satisfactory’ category with the concentration of PM10 and PM2.5 standing at 98 and 91 respectively. Two more area that has come under the ‘moderate’ category are Mathura Road and Lodhi Road. Their air quality index is 117 and 110 respectively. The dominant pollutant in all the aforementioned areas is PM10. 

There is no need to panic for sensitive people: 

The pollution monitoring system advice the sensitive people that if shortening of breath and coughing occurs, take it lightly as some people are sensitive to weather and generally falls sick due to change in weather conditions.

The neighboring Noida and Uttar Pradesh are also under the ‘moderate’ category with PM10 and PM2.5 docking at 100(satisfactory category) and 104(moderate category) respectively. There are some places where the Air Quality Index has even reached 54 and 51 respectively. 

States other than Delhi:  

They are Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra and have come under the satisfactory category. The Air Quality Index of Gujarat has reached 81 and has also stood under the ‘satisfactory’ category. There are many more other States which have come under the ‘moderate’ and ‘satisfactory’ category. It is a matter of relief to say that the Air Quality Index of India is improving.

~ Kanika Khatri



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