Delhi Govt. OrdersNot To Ask Rent For One Month from Students, Labourers


The Delhi Government has granted an order for harsh complaints of its ahead order for the landlord not to demand rent from Labors and students for at least one year. In the lockdown, people are not able to pay rent instantly so the government has asked the landlords to not demand rent  The move came on the back of a national lockdown announced to prevent the impact of the novel Coronavirus explosion.

Some also said if the landlord will force someone to pay rent or to leave the area then he or she will be responsible for acting according to the Disaster Management Act of 2005. The government had declared openly the same before as well in a notice released of March 29 this year.

District Magistrates shall attempt awareness issues on the issue extremely in areas having increased consistency of workers/migrant workers/students to warn unnatural persons to lodge objections to the police control room by calling 100.

Earlier, the Chief Minister of Delhi has disputed to the landlords to not collect the rents if their renters are poor or are unable to pay the rent. He expressed his suspicions and asked the landlords not to torture if the rent is not paid and added that if the resident fails to pay the rent, the Delhi government will repay for it. The government wants people to stay where they are as any migration will boost the risk of Coronavirus transmission.

Thousands of people started walking from Delhi to their hometowns due to which the issue of rent expense was called attention to a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared openly a lockdown on March 24 across the country.

One committee has recommended that the academic session be started from September than July. The committee has suggested the University should conduct an online exam due to the extend of lockdown. If the lockdown ended soon then they will conduct the pen-paper examination and the Date will be decided.

~Gunjan Dhingra


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