Mission Buniyaad

The Delhi government is operating toward extending the learning gap. COVID-19 for students of state-run schools provoked Mission Buniyaad.

On Monday Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said this Mr. Sisodia, who is also Delhi’s education minister, made the statements. During his visit to two government schools to evaluate the status of ‘Mission Buniyaad’.

This program is intended at improving the learning skills of children studying in the state as well as municipal-run schools.

We are working to link the Covid-induced learning gap through several initiatives, Mr. Sisodia said. One of the key initiatives enforced in this direction is Mission Buniyaad. It seeks to bridge the learning gap and expand the reading, writing, as well as basic mathematical abilities of children from classes 3 to 9.

The last two years with Covid were tough for students as well as have expanded the learning gap.

The deputy chief minister said We do not want a generation to move forward with this learning gap. To assure the same, our teachers are diligently working for the past two months with students on improving skills of reading, writing, as well as basic mathematics in Mission Buniyaad classes.

The Delhi government declared the launch of ‘Mission Buniyaad’ in February in the year 2018. Our main purpose is to help children strengthen their foundational skills, rather than be troubled with the syllabus.

Along with this, after Covid, we have also improved the scope of Mission Buniyaad till class 9 to guide the students better. Presently, about 10 lakh students are part of this mission. Also, attendance is always documented at over 65 percent every day.

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The Deputy chief minister further said the continuous phase of ‘Mission Buniyaad’ classes. It has played a significant role in bridging the learning gap after the pandemic and will proceed till June 15. It will start again when the schools reopen in July.

Mission Buniyaad

‘Mission Buniyaad’ is being executed in all the schools under the Directorate of Education (DoE) daily. The State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) has revised learning material and teacher manuals to be pursued under this mission.

It comprises a maths workbook, and a book of stories to improve reading-listening-speaking as well as writing skills for students. SCERT trained teachers to enforce this mission better.

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