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As the first phase of unlockdown on Monday, all the temples, churches, mosques in other states are assigned to reopen along with shopping malls and restaurants but in Maharashtra and Goa, the religious places are likely to remain closed.

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Goa government has decided to close the religious places for some time while the government of Maharashtra is yet to take the decision on the opening of religious places, churches, and mosques.

Moreover, India has become the fifth-worst hit nation with 2,46,628 cases of the coronavirus. Russia, Brazil, the US, and the UK are ahead in the cases of COVID-19. According to the latest details released by the Ministry of Health Affairs, there are approximately 6,929 deaths so far.

A look at the top developments today: Delhi government to lift ‘corona fee’ on liquor from Jun 10

On Sunday, the Delhi government has decided to withdraw the 70 % “corona fee” on the sale of liquor in the national capital. As per the PTI report, the liquor will become cheaper in Delhi but the government has increased the charges of Added Tax(VAT) on all categories of liquor from 20% to 25%.

Availability of beds

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal chaired a cabinet meeting in which they take a decision of imposing the “special corona fee” on liquor after the liquor stores reopened in the third phase of India lockdown.

Amit Shah, Union Minister, appreciate the coronavirus warriors by lecturing the ‘Bihar Jansamvad Rally” through video conferencing. He appreciates the efforts of front-line workers who are fighting against the virus by risking their lives, Health workers, police personnel, and others.

Amit Shah highlights the work done by the center in assisting migrants to reach back home. He said approximately 1.25 crore migrants have been safely sent to their places by BJP’s Modi government.


Health minister said that Rajasthan is clocking over 73 % recovery rate from COVID:

On Sunday, Raghu Sharma, Rajasthan Health Minister said that out of 10,385 COVID-19 patients in the state, 7,606 have been cured, registering a 73.24 % comeback rate. He further added that if the number of infected patients is increasing in the state then the cases of recovery are also increasing in the same amount.

Meanwhile, approximately 5 lakh people have been tested for virus infection. More than 1.25 lakh tests have been done at the state’s biggest hospital known as Sawai Man Singh Hospital. He mentioned that the number of corona patients in the state is doubling in 21 days, while their death rate is 2.25 percent.

Gujarat: prayers in religious places will be in shifts, token system

Except for the coronavirus containment zones all the religious places are scheduling to open with proper care of social distancing and other safety measures.

Priorities with social distancing measurements in overcrowding sine religious places. The government has planned to specify time slots to organize prayers in shifts and start a token system.

Meanwhile, elderly people and children below the age of 10 are absolved to enter the temples, and others will have to wear a face mask and get sanitized before entering the beliefs.

Maharashtra is pending with the decision on opening religious places:

On Sunday an official told PTI that the Shiv Sena government, Uddhav Thackeray-led is yet to take a decision on opening religious places for followers.

Maharashtra’s law and judiciary department secretary Rajendra Bhagwat said that a decision is yet to be taken on opening temples, mosques, churches and other religious organizations for people and there is no notice about allowing people to gather at such places

Goa government has decided to shut the churches, mosques and other religious places:

Source: The News Minutes

From Monday, the Goa government has decided to shut the churches and mosques. PTI reported that the temple committees are yet to take a call on opening their shrines for followers in the coastal state.

Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister, on Saturday, said that the religious places in the state can open from Monday but no mass activities will be permitted there in the wake nationwide outbreak of the virus.

Director of the Diocesan Centre for Social Communications Media, Father Barry Cardozo, said in a statement that they are critically evaluating the novel coronavirus-related fluid situation that has come upon their state. Hence they are not in a position to announce our places of worship open.

He added that the Delhi Cabinet agreed on Sunday that beds in hospitals operate by the state government shall be reserved for residents of the national capital till the pandemic subsides. Moreover, the decision will not cover hospitals like AIIMS and Safdarjung that come under the Union government.


Families in Bengal are allowed to see their deceased:

The Bengal government is allowing the family members of a person who died due to Covid-19 to see the body and pay their honors.

It’s further mentioned in the state government notification that the dead body should be conserved at a suitable place for 30 minutes during which the family members shall be allowed to pay their last respects.
Moreover, the final rites will be accomplished by civic authorities only.

Akhilesh questioned the UP government over the death of a pregnant woman in the ambulance:

After a pregnant woman died in Noida, on Sunday, Akhilesh Yadav, chief Samajwadi Party questioned the Uttar Pradesh government that how many beds had been categorized for the “future generation”. The pregnant lady was allegedly denied entry by eight hospitals within a duration of 12 hours.

He tweets on the incident that the (UP) government should confess that if it has arranged 1 lakh beds for corona (patients), then why it has not stocked some beds for the future generation?

Akhilesh Yadav added that the BJP government should also notify that till now, how many hospitals have been made.


ACMA: job losses is near if demand continues weak

ACMA has said that the auto component sector may recognize huge job losses if the automotive sector goes on to face headwinds due to lack of demand amid coronavirus pandemic.

President Deepak Jain, Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA) said till the demand is back, there will be questions about financial stress, job losses, and liquidity management. These questions will remain and only go away when India is back to normal.

Coronavirus-free Daman, Diu due to Strict adherence to lockdown:

Because of the responsibility of ‘corona warriors’ and strict implementation of the lockdown orders Daman and Diu districts of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli have not noted any coronavirus cases so far.

Praful Patel said on Sunday that despite bordering Gujarat and being close to Maharashtra, two of the badly-hit states, Daman and Diu organized to keep away from the virus and this is only successful because the public followed the lockdown guidelines.

While 19 cases have reported in Dadra and Nagar Haveli and there has been no case in Daman and Diu so far.
Patel said that they have organized to achieve this success because the ‘corona warriors’ worked with full commitment. They arranged to have zero cases in Daman and Diu because people followed the lockdown with full responsibility.




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