Delhi Chandni Chowk fire- Shocking Photos Inside!



In the early hours of June 16, a devastating incident happened in the Delhi Chandni Chowk, fire broke out in the Marwardi Katra. The blaze originated in the bustling Marwari Katra. This market part is known for its dense network of shops and warehouses.

Delhi Chandni Chowk fire

The Delhi Chandni Chowk fire spread quickly due to the highly flammable materials stored in the area. Fabrics, paper, and other goods fueled the flames. Thick black smoke soon covered the sky. Residents and shop owners were the first to notice the fire and immediately raised an alarm.

Delhi Chandni Chowk Fire
Source: Amar Ujala

Fire Department’s Swift Response

The Delhi Fire Service responded promptly. They dispatched 30 fire engines to the scene. Firefighters battled the flames for hours. Despite their efforts, the blaze proved challenging to control. Narrow lanes and congested spaces hindered their work.

Challenges Faced by Firefighters

The age-old infrastructure of Chandni Chowk’s Marwadi Katra posed significant challenges. Many buildings are made of wood and other combustible materials. This exacerbated the situation. The firemen also faced difficulties due to limited access to water sources. The maze-like layout of the area made it hard to manoeuvre fire trucks and equipment.

Evacuation and Rescue Operations

Emergency services evacuated hundreds of people in Marwadi Katra. They prioritized rescuing those trapped in the upper floors of buildings. Many residents and workers escaped with minor injuries. However, some individuals suffered from smoke inhalation and burns. The injured were rushed nearby to hospitals in ambulances.

Extent of Damage

Preliminary reports indicate extensive property damage. Many shops and warehouses were destroyed. The exact loss in monetary terms is still being assessed. However, initial estimates suggest losses could run into crores of rupees.

Delhi Chandni Chowk fire
Source: The Patriot

Business Impact

Chandni Chowk is a crucial commercial hub. The fire has severely impacted local businesses. Many shop owners have lost their entire stock. This incident was a major setback, especially as businesses were recovering from the pandemic’s economic impact.

Investigative Measures

Authorities have launched an investigation into the Delhi Chandni Chowk fire in Marwari Katra to find out the cause. Preliminary findings suggest an electrical short circuit might be to blame. However, officials have not ruled out other possibilities. A thorough probe is underway to determine the exact cause.

Local Reactions

Residents expressed shock and dismay. Many have witnessed fires, but this one is particularly severe. Community leaders called for better fire safety measures in Marwadi Katra. They emphasized the need for modernizing infrastructure to prevent such incidents in the future.

Government Response

The Delhi government has assured all possible assistance to those affected. Relief measures are being put in place. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited the site and announced compensation for the victims. He also stressed the importance of implementing stringent fire safety regulations in congested markets like Chandni Chowk.

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Future Precautions

This Delhi Chandni Chowk fire in Marwari Katra has highlighted the urgent need for better fire management systems. Experts suggest regular fire drills and improved infrastructure. They also recommend installing advanced fire detection and suppression systems in Marwadi Katra. Such measures can help in early detection and control of fires, potentially saving lives and property.

Community Efforts

Community groups and NGOs have stepped in to provide support. They are offering food, clothing, and temporary shelter to those affected. Volunteers are helping with cleanup and recovery efforts. The spirit of solidarity is evident as people come together to rebuild.


The Delhi Chandni Chowk fire in Marwari Katra is a tragic incident. It has caused significant loss and disruption. However, the prompt response from firefighters and the community’s resilience are commendable. Moving forward, there is a critical need to enhance fire safety and infrastructure in densely populated markets. This will help prevent such devastating incidents in the future.

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