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The snatching incidents near DU Campus came to the notice of the police when a woman who was traveling in rickshaw with her son, a bike past through them, and snatched her son’s bag and then fled.

On Friday, police nabbed a gang involved in snatching incidents near DU Campus. Their job is to snatch laptops, bags, phones from students and then hand them over to the receiver.

“The matter came into picture when a woman who was traveling in rickshaw with her son fell a victim to this. The snatchers snatched the bag from his son. Before she raised an alarm, they fled. Then she approached the police who were patrolling the area”, a senior police officer said.

He also added that after the complaint, the police started chasing them. The bike lost its balance after few meters and the duo fell. Police managed to catch the pillion rider “Juvenille”, while the rider escaped.

Police detained Juvenille and questioned him about his team mates. He informed that he used to carry out snatching with Vishal, on a 319 CCKTM Duke Bike. Police carried out a raid at Vishal’s residence, and recovered 7 mobile phones from him.

He told police that he and Juvenille carried out the snatching, while Humayun used to buy it and sell the stolen phones further to dealers at a attractive prices.

On Vishal’s instance, Humayun was also arrested on Friday. He used to change the IMIE number of stolen phones and then sell them. Around 74 mobile phones recovered from him.

After allegedly snatching 100 mobile phones, the gang landed in the police net on June 4, and Humayun also arrested on Friday.

– By Prachi Agarwal


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