Cyclone Nisarga
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Tropical cyclone Nisarga has led the way towards  Maharashtra Coast. On 3rd June it is likely to make landfall close to Mumbai. On 31st May, after monitoring its tendency for weeks, cyclone brewing near the Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea has been forecasted by Indian Meteorological Department.

The area under low pressure has now turned into a depression and is likely to turn into a cyclone storm soon. Once the winds turn into a cyclonic storm, it will be named as cyclone Nisarga.

There has been no cyclonic storm in Maharashtra since 1891 and it is going to be the first time when cyclone will make landfall on the Coast of Maharashtra.

According to Vineet Kumar, a student of tropical cyclones at the Climate Research Lab at the Institute of Tropical Meteorology(IITM) the precise location of the stormy Cyclone Nisarga will be clear soon. The Cyclone Nisarga storms have led the way towards Maharashtra and Gujrat. The storms are likely to concert into Cyclone Nisarga in the next six hours and it is being predicted that the Cyclone Nisarga will make landfall in Mumbai by tomorrow.

As per the Indian Metrological Department(IMD), the storms are likely to strengthen into severe cyclonic storms in the following 18 hours.


Earlier today the depression over the east-central Arabian Sea turned into a deep depression. As per IMD, the storms are likely to turn into cyclonic storms in the next six hours and further into a severe cyclonic storm in the following twelve hours.

The cyclonic storm is inclined to pass over north Maharashtra and Gujarat coast between Harihereshwar and Daman near Raigad District during the afternoon of June 3.

The Chief Minister’s Office said that on Monday Home Minister Amit Shah had a video conference with the Maharashtra Chief Minister to review the state’s preparedness.

Over and above 30 divisions of the National Disaster Response Force are made ready to deal with the Cyclone Nisarga disaster in Maharashtra and Gujrat. There are around 45 personals in a team of NDRF.

The state of Gujarat has further asked for five additional teams. By today evening fifteen NDRF teams will be deployed in Gujarat and two teams will be kept on standby. At present, ten terms have already been deployed in Maharashtra and six NDRF teams are not on standby. Awareness drive and evacuation process have also been initiated, the NDRF Chief asserted today.

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Approximately 20,000 people residing in village areas near Gujarat Coast are likely to get affected by the Cyclone Nisarga. As per NDRF Chief, Cyclone Nisarga is a serious cyclone and a wind speed of 90-100kmph is being expected. To be on a safer side, precautionary measures are being taken and people staying near the coastal areas are going to be evacuated by the teams.

A storm explosion as high as 2 meters above the astronomical tide will appear in the low lying coastal regions of Mumbai, Thane, and Raigad Districts at the time of the landfall.

Fisherman’s working near the sea have been asked to return back from the sea and state collectors have been asked to ensure the safety of the people. As per the weather department, the storm is likely to cause destruction to thatched homes, huts, power and transmission lines, and the crops.



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