Cricket is not only a game in India. It’s a whole religion. Indian cricket fans worship the game, as well as its players. But in recent years, the cricket betting in India frenzy has taken to India’s great nation. Cricket betting in India is more prevalent than in any other country in the world. And to maintain this enthusiasm in the Indian cricket faithful, the best betting sites often introduce new cricket betting formats or options into the fore. Today, we talk about the most popular cricket betting formats out there.

What makes a good cricket betting format?

Cricket betting formats are the primary basis on which the bets are made. They often dictate how a bettor might bet or how much a bettor would be willing to bet. It is as essential as the game itself. But there are always superiors. What makes a suitable cricket betting format is given below:

  • The chance to win big.
  • An even chance of winning or losing.
  • The ability to often fall against the trend.
  • The ability to be stable, yet surprising, etc.

The most popular cricket betting formats

Popularity is one of the modern-day measures to determine whether something is good or bad. When it comes to cricket betting formats, some are used more than the others by bettors. Here are the ones that are at the peak of their popularity:

Basic cricket betting formats

Some of the most popular cricket betting formats fall under this category. They are:

  • Winner of a Match: You get to choose which team will win a specific game of cricket. It’s evenly balanced and exciting.
  • Series/Tournament Winner: The stakes are even higher when you go for this cricket betting format, which lets you choose the outright winner of a particular cricket series or tournament (ICC World cup, ICC Champions Trophy, IPL, etc.).

Team-Based cricket betting formats

These formats are often included in the live betting section. Here are the most popular ones:

  1. Who’ll Win the Toss?: Choose the team that will win the toss. It offers you a 50/50 chance to win money.
  2. Odd/Even Scores: You get to choose whether an innings total will be an odd number or even.
  3. Innings Total: You simply have to choose a particular number representing the total runs scored in an innings. This is usually wagered on an up/down basis on the score you desire.
  4. Partnerships: This cricket betting format lets you choose the score a specific partnership might put together.
  5. Total 4s/6s: Guess the number of 4s or 6s in a particular inning/match to win a significant amount.

Player-Based cricket betting formats

Most formats under this category include:

  • Top Batsman/Bowler: You get to choose the best batsman (the highest run-scorer) and the best bowler (the highest wicket-taker) of a specific match.
  • Man of the Match: Who’ll be the player of the match? Choose and win money if you are correct.
  • 50/100 Scorer: Guess who might score a century or half-century in a match.

In-Play cricket betting formats

These formats are accessed in the live cricket betting section:

  • Runs of the Next Ball: Guess the number of runs that might come from the next ball.
  • Dismissal Method: Choose a method in which the subsequent dismissal might occur in a match.
  • Runs Scored by a Batsman: Guess the number of runs a particular batsman might score in a specific match.

All the formats above are considered the most popular cricket betting formats or options in India and worldwide. Choose your favorite cricket betting format now, and start cricket betting online straight away, without even a hint of hesitation.