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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati made a giant stride in the field of development and manufacture of COVID-19 kits. It is doing an outstanding job in its marketing and commercialization. RR Animal Healthcare is working in association with IIT Guwahati as the industry partner. They are striving hard to provide affordable kits for the mass. It’s assistance in helping India is a great step made by any educational institute. Testing kits made here are specialized to fight the new SARS-COV2 effectively.

The manufactured COVID-19 related products include :
• The Viral Transport Media (VTM)
• The Viral RNA isolation kit
• RT- PCR kits

The COVID-19 products are developed with the assistance of Dr. Labanyamoy Kole of the RR Animal Healthcare Group. The Guwahati Medical College Hospital has also stretched a helping hand in this manufacturing project. Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Minster of Health in Assam officially launched these kits for mass distribution. Sarbananda Sonowal, the Chief Minister of Assam well appreciated this noble work. Dr. R.P. Nishank from the Ministry of Education also acknowledged the efforts with gratitude.

Usage and advantages of the new VTM and RT-PCR kits
The VTM kit comes with an advanced facility of safe collection of oral swabs. For prolonged research hours, the samples can be stored for 72 hours at low temperatures.
RNA( Ribonucleic acid) from the virus can be isolated with the use of RNA isolation kits and the RT-PCR kits. They help in the quick detection of the Coronavirus.
Hence the institute claims that these kits have a special formulation to fight SARS-COV2. They are made to be more efficient and less expensive.
The mass production of these kits is providing assistance in the fight against COVID. The distribution goal set by IIT Guwahati covers the whole of the North East region. They aim to work on the frontline with the top doctors and associations for a successful fight against the pandemic.


The products already been developed by the institute and are in use include:

• Hand Sanitizers and Masks
• Face shields
• Mobile Robots to carry medicines and food

IIT Guwahati has always look forward to helping the mass amidst the pandemic since the very beginning. The institute keeps working to fulfill the basic need of people.

This alliance of IIT GUWAHATI, the Assam Government, and the RR Animal Healthcare is bearing a successful result. Coming together, they are achieving success in fighting against this deadly virus and serving the northeast. The frontline initiative is being acknowledged and appreciated by everyone.



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