This is that time of the year again when many of the young aspirants are going to step into new phase of their life. Life is going to be different for you as you are going to step into college. Every one of you must be having your own dream college and dream course. But the truth is that, in Delhi University not everyone’s dream come true. Some of you will be lucky enough to get your dream college and course while some may be able to get into their dream course but not into the college that you want and vice versa.  The biggest dilemma that aspirants face at the time of admission is that whether they should go for the course they want or for the college they have dreamt of. This decision shapes your coming life. So, it is important to make a wise decision. Here are few points that will help you in taking this important decision.

The environment , infrastructure and campus may be fascinating but that is only for few months. A good college only cannot help you to build a good future but what is more important is your interest and the course you opt for. At the end of the three years the only thing that is going to matter is your knowledge. You pass out  from a very reputed college but your knowledge is not up to the mark then trust me no one is going to value you ( sorry if I sound rude).

If you have scored good marks and performed well in your subjects than no matter from which college you come from , you are going to be valued in market and many of the time students from mediocre college side line the one from reputed college.

One thing that is the most important is to stay happy. You will only stay happy and stress free if the stuff you are busy with is of your interest. A course of your choice and interest will surely release some of the pressure and stress at the time of exam because you will know that this is something that you wanted rather than doing something out of your interest. If you are sure that you want to be an Economist do not opt for English Literature just to be in your dream college.

Choosing course of your choice means you will work hard and there will be chances for you to be able to get into good college for pursuing your PG.

A good college provides good environment, good faculty and extracurricular activities that are extremely important for overall growth. But academic qualification and personality development go hand in hand. Every college is not same but every college is best in its own way.

Pursuing course of your choice may help you to land in the profession that is of your interest.

At the end, the choice of college and course depends on the student. If a student is focused on his/her career and want to acquire a degree that will help him/her in the future than there is no harm to give preference to course over college. But there are many student who have their own way and who just want to acquire a degree, then they can give preference to college over course.


When I was at this stage even I was in dilemma of choosing course or college. I was able to make it to a well known college of north campus but was not able to make it to the course that was my priority. I took time and realized that what is going to matter for me is just not the name of the college but my performance. And I am only going to perform good if I will do what I love. So, I chose course over college. And after two years I do not regret my decision.

  In my opinion course selection is an important decision of your life because this is the first step that you are going to take towards your future. It will only decide what you will do in your life. So, it is more important to make course your priority rather than the college.

 This was all that I wanted to tell you. The final call is yours. All the best to the aspirants that are going to step into the new phase of their life. I wish that all of you get what you want but that seems quite impossible for everyone but still lets be positive.


            “The only way to do great work is to do love what you do.”

:-Steve Jobs

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 By- Ekta Yadav



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