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The Yale School of Public Health has determined to examine a controversial study and could result in the abuse of sex workers’ rights in India. This step follows an uproar from sex workers’ collectives, lawyers, activists, and decision-makers who requested total withdrawal of the investigation, which suggested keeping red light regions shut after a lockdown,  in five urban areas in the nation to “diminish new COVID-19 cases by 72% and with deaths by 63%”.

The Dean of Yale School of Public Health, Sten H. Vermund, wrote in response to an affidavit endorsed by 140 public health experts, activists, advisers, NGOs, and sex workers that Over 60% of sex workers in Delhi rescue to their home states. They are examining adequate possibilities now. Thank you for sharing the interests of potential harm so clearly. Either I or a deputy of Yale University will be in contact as to our action plan.

on July 7 the statement sent to Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Yale School of Public Health, and Yale Medical School and evoked an acknowledgment the same day. Acknowledging the lack of transparency’ he said that they strongly denounce this research for its scarcity of harsh methodology and transparency, deceptive assumptions about sex work, and heinous.

The recommendations of this study essentially invite the state to use its coercive powers – police invasions and evictions – to victimize the most marginalized of slum dwellers in the name of public health, Commercial sex work could spear COVID-19 cases in India, says the survey.

Among the signatories were J.V.R. Prasada Rao, previous Health Secretary for the Government of India and previous UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on AIDS; Sujatha Rao, previous Health Secretary for the Government of India; Swarup Sarkar, previous chief of WHO/SEARO and the Global Fund Against AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria; and Siddharth Dube, previously senior counsel to the Executive Director of UNAIDS.

Sexual orientation rights activists, for example, Vrinda Grover, Suneeta Dhar, and Sangeeta Rege and assemblages at the cutting edge of the battle for sex worker’s privileges marked the announcement.

The report was distributed online in May, however, isn’t yet peer-inspected.
It was joined by a disclaimer online that such examinations ought not to be depended upon without setting to control clinical practice or wellbeing related conduct and ought not to be accounted for in news media as set up data without talking with numerous specialists in the field. Yet, in an announcement imparted to columnists, the creators guaranteed that the discoveries were imparted to the Government of India and different State governments alongside a suggestion to proceed with conclusion of red-light regions (RLAs) past full across the country reviving as it can diminish the number of cases by 72% in a time of 45 days and postpone the pinnacle of COVID-19 cases by 17 days.



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