In wake of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, a 2011 movie “Contagion” is acquiring everybody’s attention. The people can be seen searching for this movie across the internet. This movie is in trend just because it exhibits the virus which is likely to be considered somewhat as coronavirus.

Released in 2011, the film – directed by Stephen Soderbergh and written by Scott Z Burns – tells the story of a fictional illness that kills 26 million people worldwide.

The movie illustrates a man that was the initial patient of the virus, travels in a flight from Australia and due to his critical condition, dies on the same flight. The movie also exhibits the same scenario as the world is going through nowadays.

There are certain points that relates “Contagion” with the recent Coronavirus.


In the movie , the Centre of Disease Control (CDS ),determines that virus is a mix of genetic material from pigs and bats-borne viruses.

Similarly, the scientists today, claims that coronavirus is a genetic material from bats and other animals that are sold in the meat market of Wuhan, China.


In the movie Contagion, the symptoms for the virus are cold, cough and difficulty in breathing. The virus affects the lungs and goes in through the cells, duplicates and finally burst, leading to deaths.

As of now, similar symptoms are found in Coronavirus. The virus first attacks the throat and then finally goes through the lungs, by causing difficulty in breathing.


The new virus or the coronavirus has shown a great increment in the past few months. It has caused more than 20000 deaths across the globe and is declared pandemic by the World Health Organization.

In Contagion, the virus similarly spreads like the forest fire and turns out to be pandemic that leads to social distress and the panic among the people that can be also seen in the recent cases of coronavirus.


In Contagion, the entire Los Angeles has to go through lockdown and people are placed in quarantine. When the condition got worse, the government too imposed martial law for preventing people from leaving their homes.

Coronavirus has made the same situation. Most of the countries of the world are under quarantine. Countries have imposed lockdown too. India has imposed a lockdown of 21 days and Britain for the rest 6 month is under complete shutdown.


The vaccine for the virus in movie Contagion do not turn out at once. After the multiple efforts of the  doctors, finally the vaccine of the virus is made from the blood of people with tuberculosis.

In the recent Covid-19, the doctors are trying hard to make vaccine and cure this deadly disease. We hope like in the movie, our doctors too find the vaccine and the cure from this pandemic virus by making it a happy ending.

~ Abdul Qadir

Siddharth Anand

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