Chandu Champion Review 2024: Mahaveer Jain Applauds “Chandu Champion” for Its Excellence

Chandu Champion Review

Chandu Champion Review: Mahaveer Jain Lauds “Chandu Champion” for Its Excellence

Kartik Aaryan Shines as Paralympic Gold Medalist Murlikant Petkar

Producer Mahaveer Jain is renowned for films like Uunchai, Good Luck Jerry, and Ram Setu. He recently watched Chandu Champion and was highly impressed. He expressed that the film, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala and directed by Kabir Khan, has an “exceptional & uplifting story”.

Mahaveer Jain’s Praise for the Film

• Jain described Chandu Champion as a film that comes “once in many years.”

• He highlighted its “incredible level of excellence & finesse.”

• Jain thanked the filmmakers for telling such a “rare story so beautifully.”

• He emphasized that the film deserves a “standing ovation.”

Tribute to Murlikant Petkar

• Jain gave a special mention to Murlikant Petkar, calling him “unbelievable & deeply inspiring.”

• He conveyed “huge respect” for Petkar’s achievements.

Accolades for the Team

• Jain praised Kabir Khan and Sajid Nadiadwala for narrating a “gritty story” effectively.

• He commended Kartik Aaryan for his “exemplary performance” as Murlikant Petkar.

• He acknowledged the entire team’s effort, stating they deserve “all the love and appreciation” for the extraordinary film.

Impactful Stories

• Jain mentioned that stories like Chandu Champion, 12th Fail, & Srikanth are inspiring. It also contributes significantly to the country.

Upcoming Projects

• Jain is producing a comedy film with Akshay Kumar, directed by Mrighdeep Singh Lamba.

• His next release is a family drama with Ektaa Kapoor, aiming to bridge the generation gap.

Chandu Champion Review 

• Rating- 4.0/5

• Star Cast:

      1. Kartik Aaryan
      2. Vijay Raaz
      3. Bhuvan Arora

• Director: Kabir Khan

Chandu Champion Review

Chandu Champion Review – Synopsis

Chandu Champion is about Murlikant Petkar, a man who refused to give up. Set in 1952, a young Murlikant (Kartik Aaryan) lives in Islampur, Maharashtra. Inspired by K D Jadhav’s Olympic win, Murlikant dreams of his Olympic victory. Despite mockery from his peers, he joins a wrestling akhada and defeats a local chieftain’s son. He then joins the Army and trains in boxing, but his life changes dramatically during the 1965 war in Kashmir.

Chandu Champion Review – Story Review

• The film’s story, crafted by Kabir Khan, Sumit Arora, and Sudipto Sarkar, is inspiring.

• It tells the life of an under-recognized individual, adding to its unique appeal.

• The screenplay is captivating with dramatic and emotional moments.

Direction and Narrative

• Kabir Khan’s direction smoothly transitions between 2017 and the past events from 1952 to 1972.

• The film avoids getting too depressing and maintains mainstream appeal.

• Notable scenes include Murlikant’s first wrestling match, his boxing training, and his struggle during the 1965 war.

Chandu Champion Review – Memorable Moments

• Murlikant’s victory over Dagdu.

• His first meeting with Tiger Ali (Vijay Raaz).

• His struggle to eat with a fork.

• The intermission scene adds tension and is shot in one take.

• Post-interval, the matka sequence, and Murlikant’s monologue stand out.

• The finale, though watchable, could have been more nail-biting.

Chandu Champion Review – Areas for Improvement

• The reason for Murlikant filing a case against the President should have been shown, not just described.

• His family’s story is underdeveloped, affecting emotional impact.

• Murlikant’s lack of communication with his family feels unrealistic.

Chandu Champion Review – Conclusion

Chandu Champion offers an inspiring and captivating story. It has several powerful performances, especially by Kartik Aaryan. Despite some narrative flaws, it stands out as a significant and uplifting film.

• Chandu Champion Review: This movie captures the life and struggles of Murlikant Petkar. It brings his inspirational journey to the forefront. In this Chandu Champion review, we see how the film excels in storytelling and performance.

• Final Thoughts

The film is a testament to the spirit of perseverance and dedication. Kabir Khan’s direction and Kartik Aaryan’s portrayal of Murlikant Petkar are noteworthy. This Chandu Champion review highlights the movie’s strengths and areas where it could have improved. It does so while ensuring a balanced perspective. Chandu Champion stands out as a must-watch. Especially, for those looking for a dose of inspiration and cinematic excellence.


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