Celebrating Graduation During The Lockdown? Here’s A Look At 8 Fun Slideshow Ideas


Graduation is a major milestone in every individual’s life, so whether your kid is graduating from college or high school, it surely marks as a big day in his or her life. But for the batch of 2020, celebrations are not going to be the same anymore due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This year, families are being forced to celebrate their kids’ graduation at home, keeping in mind social distancing guidelines issued by the government. But don’t let the lockdown keep you from throwing your kid an exciting and memorable graduation party!

Check out these fun slideshow ideas if you are planning a graduation celebration with limited social norms.

Celebrate Their Firsts

While you can be as creative as you want with your slideshow, it helps to stick to a theme to tie all the elements together and make for a visually interesting slideshow.

Since graduation is an important milestone, it’s only fitting to pick a theme that takes you through the other firsts of your child’s life. After all, what’s better than having a slideshow of stories during the virtual celebration? FlexClip is a great tool to help you bring these memories to life with its easy-to-use video editing features.

Bring out the photo album and add cute pictures and videos from their childhood: from their first time walking to their first friend and their first prom. Add a few captions like their first words or something cute or smart they said when they were younger.

Capture Memories 

With families being forced to pass the time indoors during the lockdown, you probably have enough time on your hands to take creative pictures to announce your kid’s graduation.

Commemorate your kid’s big day by clicking as many pictures as you can. Have your grad student dress up for the photo-shoot with a graduation cap, gown, and a degree.

Go for a more fun approach by telling a story via arranging photosets in a slideshow. Plus, you can even record a video of them walking up to the front to collect their degrees from their first teacher – their parents!

Edit all the images and precious memories together and share it with your family and friends.

Put Together Video Messages From Loved Ones

Show your child some love by putting together a fun and professional video montage of all their favorite people. Ask teachers, family, and friends to record themselves wishing the graduate of your house.

Tell them to add all kinds of silly and fun elements to the video. They can record themselves performing a song or dance, telling a fun story, or simply giving a genuine message that expresses how proud they are of your grad student.

This video will be like giving your child the best gift that will make them happy even in these tough times. You can use photo slideshow maker with music from Invideo, which offers a wide range of editing templates and style options.

Record A Song

Many parents are going that extra mile to make their kids happy by doing something special and unique.

Select your kid’s favorite song that goes according to the theme or record it yourself. You can also ask their friends to record a song and add it to the slideshow.

This idea will give it an emotional touch and will surely become your child’s favorite thing to watch. In this challenging time, the slideshow will make them feel important and loved.

Celebrate Their Achievements

Take a much-needed visit to memory lane by adding all your kid’s accomplishments in the slideshow.

Praise your multi-talented graduates by showing them the pictures of all the medals and trophies they won. Explore the timeline of their achievements by arranging images and videos from childhood to the present day.

Share a note or a small caption with the backstory of the achievement; it can be funny, silly, motivating, or simply filled with words of love. You can also include inspirational quotes from their role models to follow in their life.

Create And Gift A Yearbook

How about gifting your kids a virtual yearbook in the form of a slideshow? You can make impressive-looking collages on each slide that your kids can browse through to refresh their evergreen memories.

Be creative; ask your kid’s friends to contribute whatever they can, like pictures of the trip they took in college, or pictures while learning a skill together. They can even send in some funny poems or quotes.

When putting together the yearbook, keep a sharp eye out on the image layout, fonts, and color themes. Don’t fill the slides with too many images and try to follow a cohesive theme to give it some structure.

A Promise For The Future

Make a slideshow of all the things you will do to celebrate their graduation after everything gets normal.

It can be a long-awaited trip to a new place or a celebration in their favorite bars and clubs. It can also be a huge party with their classmates. It depends on what your kid hopes to do once the lockdown is lifted.

You can also use editing apps to Photoshop their friends in all the pictures you will add in the slideshow. All you have to be is creative to bring a smile on their face.

Showcase Your Slideshow At A Virtual Celebration

The class of 2020 has to cancel their initial graduation plans, thanks to the most recently announced lockdown. To really go the extra mile with your slideshow, you can celebrate the milestone of their life with a virtual party with friends and family.

It will be a perfect surprise for your kid to see their friends and family gather around for the big day. You can design a creative invitation letter for the event using a free invitation maker online.

Now you and your kids can experience fun, laughter, and togetherness, all while following social distancing norms.

Wrapping Up

Although this pandemic makes us feel helpless and blue at times, you cannot let it affect your special events.

A graduation day is a once in a lifetime moment to cherish memories forever. By keeping a positive mindset, you can create something exciting for your family, even in these troubled times.


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