CBSE issued a warning against the “revenge pornography” putting limits on online friendship, valuing permission, and reporting to some elderly person if confronted with a problem. CBSE wants teenagers to realize how to ensure their safety in the virtual world.

With the increment in digitalizing due to taking studies online due to the lockdown amid coronavirus, problems pertinent to cyberbullying have been brought to the vanguard with the recent controversy of the boy’s locker room.


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CBSE shared a Cyber Security handbook for Class 9 to 12

A Cyber Security handbook has been shared by CBSE with schools for the students of classes 9th-12th. The handbook comprises of a list of do’s and dont’s and the detailed guidelines and the activities to make parents and students understand the sensitivity of the issue.

A senior board officer stated that students must understand the issue and try to limit their online friendship and on-line communication with real-life friends. Words, images, videos, or whatever they share with each other should be bound by a limit. They must understand that once they take anything online, they lose their control over it. They lose control over who can see it. It can lead to a breach of trust and may get misused and cause harm to the person or his reputation.


Advice to parents by CBSE regarding data and consent

The CBSE board has recommended parents to authorize children to make decisions for themselves and realize how people collect their information and use it without their consent.

The official added that the children should be careful when they chat with people on social networking apps and be cautious from the ones who give them compliments for their appearance even when they have known each other for a while. He advised children, not to people who ask you to share their sexually explicit pictures or videos. Never accept a friend request from a person you have never met in person. If you share your sexually explicit picture with your friends there are chances they can forward it with others or share on social media. There are chances that they start blackmailing you because of your pictures and videos.


Handbook states a warning against falling into the ambush for revenge pornography 

The handbook states that the teenage children of 14-18 years of age are more likely to be the worst victim of revenge porn as well as perpetrators themselves, which is a matter of great concern. Students who were in relationships when bring it to an end, they find their explicit photographs being calculated on social media. When such explicit pictures go viral, students start facing cyberbullying and harassment by their peers. They get engraved with insult and in the end, get depressed and isolated.

As per the handbook, a teenager may be victimized by his/her ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, jealous classmates, or unknown people who these children add on their social media accounts. People may victimize him/her when they stop talking to them after realizing the danger associated with talking to an unknown person.


Controversies of Boy’s Locker Room

Lately, an enormous outrage exploded online after people came to know that an Instagram group named “Bois Locker Room” has been made by some teenagers and objectionable pictures of teenage girls are being shared in the group which is subjecting to terrible conversations including rape.

After the controversy was out on social media, people started posting purporting screenshots of crude conversations that happened between the members of the group who were certainly teenagers, and some of them were of age 13. It was claimed that the boys shared pictures of teenage girls and later made explicit comments on their looks in the chatroom. 

Furthermore, after investigating the matter the Delhi police after fumbling the Snapchat found that among the group of boys there was a girl who named herself as a boy. She proposed a sexual assault plan to a boy just to examine his character and values.




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