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The increase in working population year after year might make us happy but there is an underlying problem to it which is less addressed and can even make the working class collapse. The gap between skilled and unskilled labour continues to grapple the fortunes of thousands of Indians. Large parts of Indian population continues to battle poverty that brings with it a trail of events that only make the future of the poor (young and old alike) look dark and miserable.

Times are changing and digitization has brought the world closer, connected people for productive and constructive reasons and made fortunes of millions worth millions. In the house of this giant change lies an initiative that can empower the less privileged to own their fortune and carve a niche for themselves with less or no resources. ICICI Academy For Skills is an initiative by ICICI through it’s CSR division that specifically caters to the less privileged youth of the country.

Arjun Solanki is the beneficiary of this initiative and is embracing each day of his life as an empowered and a responsible citizen. Arjun was forced to withdraw himself from the basic education as his father passed away when he was just 14. The unfortunate turn forced him to look for work every day as he was the breadwinner for his family. However, there’s light at the end of a tunnel. A friend suggested him to take up a 2 month free paint-workshop held at ICICI Academy for Skills. He was willing to learn and he took up the course while his elder brother looked after his family. Arjun was promoted by his contractor within 10 months and he managed to consistently get contracts. The course trained him not just in painting skills but also soft skills, be confident and retain clients. Arjun as of today understands and values his skills, trainings and choices.


It’s important that the workforce understands the business and the industry they’re entering into before they actually start working. It prepares them  for the journey, teh opportunities and the challenges that lie ahead. The skilling and training imparts this education and awareness in the unskilled workforce and prepares them for a secure future.


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