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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, there will be no face-to-face classes at the Cambridge University for till the next academic year.

Meanwhile all the lectures shall be available to the students online and “it will also be possible to conduct short groups of the students” if they fulfill the social distancing requirements”, the Cambridge University said.

All the campuses of the University have been marked closed for the current academic year, due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Cambridge University will now review the decision if the laws regarding the social distancing changes.

A statement from the guidelines states that Cambridge University is further monitoring and accepting the changing advice as it is happening during this pandemic.

“It must be noted that social distancing will have to be continued in the future, following which the university has further decided that there will be no face-to-face lectures until the next academic year”.

The lectures shall be available to the students online and “it will also be possible to conduct short groups of the students” if they fulfill the social distancing requirements, the University of Cambridge said.


The decision has been marked but the new decision shall be taken with respect to the new provision about the coronavirus. All teaching in the university was moved online in March, while the exams are being conducted virtually.

The University of Manchester also followed the same decision for suspending the face to face lecture until next term. The University told us that lectures would be online-only for the next term.

Last week, the university watchdog told students applying for the university places in England should be told with “absolute clarity” on how the courses will be taught – before they make choices for the autumn session.

Universities can also charge full fees even if courses are taught through online mode.

Nicola Dandridge, Office for the Students warned all students against misleading promises about a “campus experience” if the courses are to be taught through online mode.

Study at the University of Cambridge from anywhere in the world. Our 7-week courses take place via our virtual learning environment (VLE). Class sizes are kept small to maximize interaction between students and tutors.

 You can study in the Cambridge University irrespective of the place, wherever you are – all you need is a computer with internet access embedded.

The Benefit from peer-to-peer support is given including engagement in stimulating discussion and also you can join a worldwide community of learners.

The students shall receive personal feedback on the work from an expert tutor.

Students will also be given to Gain a certificate of participation at the end of the completion of the course. Students can even access the class resources for two years after the course finishes

Courses have a wide range of Business and Coaching to Creative Writing and History. You can pursue a lifelong passion, enhance your inbuilt professional development, or learn a new skill.





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