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“Don’t cry like a girl.” We live in a society, where we all grew up listening to the same statement, whenever we tried to express our emotions.

Although, we talk about equality and empowerment much frequently, we still failed to accept the basic human behavior ‘crying’ and often judge people for showing their emotions, in respect of their gender. It becomes a matter of disguise for a man, if he shows much of his emotions through crying. Crying is a sign of weakness, and men are not suppose to cry. Men crying is something more than showing emotions, but it is largely linked with weakness, lack of self-awareness and irresponsibility.

Men are not supposed to carry emotions and still if they do, it’s not less than a crime to show it openly, because men who display their emotions could convey an image of a weak person, who certainly has no power and potential to take care of the family.

It is weird and funny as well, but sometimes men crying is often associated with being homosexual, gay or something less than whole. Men crying is always being a difficult stereotype of the society. A man is universally reviled if he cries at anyone’s funeral in his family, because if he follows his intuitive feeling, it may become impossible for him to hold and protect his family from odds. Ironically, If the same man, would cry in a love relationship, he will probably considered the most genuine person and the possibility of him being honest in the relationship goes up to the top.

We know, crying is important medically, because it release pain, helps in healing process, coping with the circumstances more quickly and if it is positive than maybe to experience the joy and the zest of the moment.

– Niharika


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