“Boycott Chinese Products”, the long said and heard by Indians. However, the bitter truth, due to cheap and easily available Chinese products in the Indian markets, it seems quite challenging to dismiss all made in China products. 

China approximately earns 5 lakh crore from its business in our nation and ultimately the huge some of the money is utilized in the growth of the Chinese Army. As a consequence, the Indian Soldiers standing on the border have to pay for the fault. 

The campaign #Boycott Chinese products have recently boosted up amongst the Indian masses on social media. 

After the u-tube video uploaded by Sonam Wangchuk, the trend has been restarted. 

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What difference does it make? 

When this question strikes your brain, just think about the number of smartphone users in the country. 

Remember, when the Indians united against tik-tok ( Chinese app), the rating went down to 1.3 stars as more than 38% of global tik-tok users are Indians. 

Our country is also a big profit area in China. If we can join together and totally boycott Chinese products, think about the losses incurred by China then! 

Alternative suggestions

In our daily lives, we come across many significant applications and products that belong to China, but either, we don’t know about it or due to the lack of awareness. To entirely boycott the made in china stuff, we need to recognize multiple alternative commodities, can be easily used by us. 

The time has arrived to be an anti- Chinese and pro- Indian product user. 

Here is the list, giving the information about choosing the right products in various day to day activities and to show our “Wallet power” to the Chinese market. 

  • Smartphone Applications 

In a smartphone, we have multiple Chinese apps installed. There are many Indian apps, you can use that works the same as the Chinese apps. Such as –

Chinese apps  Alternative apps
UC Browser  Jio Browser, Chrome 
Cam Scanner  Microsoft lens, Doc Scanner
Share it, Xender  Jio switch, files by Google 
Like, tik-tok, hello  Suggestions Required
Zoom  Say Namaste, Google met  
Club Factory Flipkart, tatacliq 
U-dictionary  Hindi English Dictionary 
Viva video  Photo video king master 
Beauty plus Light X photo editor. 
Applock  Maxlock 
Turbo VPN Proton VPN

Also, a new app named Remove China Apps will delete all Chinese applications from your mobile phones. 

How to delete Chinese apps –

  1.  Select the “Remove China Apps” from the Google Play Store of your cellphone.
  2. Unlock “Remove China Apps”.
  3. Dab on “Scan Now” to discover Chinese apps installed on your Android cellphones. 
  4. The app will examine the installed apps on your phone and record the Chinese apps that it reveals.
  5. If you want to remove any of the detected apps, tap the “Delete” option next to the app’s name.
  6. “Remove China Apps” will then eliminate the app from your device. 


This application has been downloaded by 50 lakh users until now, even the app was launched three weeks prior.


  • Smartphones


Smartphones are in everyone’s hands nowadays, and it is a necessary component of our lives. 

Choose your smartphone brand which belongs to India instead of Chinese products. 

The mobile companies should be banned by the nation. 

Major Chinese smartphone brands are – 

Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Gionee, and Redmi. 

These above-stated apps are made in China and need to be dismissed by local people. 

In place of these mobile phones, one should go for companies like Nokia, Reliance, Micromax, Spice, and Samsung. 


  • Cloth and Accessories 


However, the Chinese market has expanded in the Indian cloth and accessory market. 

Whether in the local supermarkets or in the malls, so Chinese stuff is available everywhere. 

It is the duty of every Indian to check the made in India tag before purchasing any items. 

Small scale businesses are also suffering from Chinese products available in the market.  

In the clothing sector, we can encourage the suppliers and manufacturers of cottage and silk industries that would height up the Indian economy as well.  

Diwali festival – decide wisely, the products. 

The sale of Chinese goods has observed a major fall in the run-up to Diwali as about 60% fewer Chinese products were sold last year. However, Indians still bought Chinese goods of about Rs 3,200 crore while commodities worth Rs 8,000 crore were sold in the country during the Diwali in the year 2018. The buyers now realize that Chinese goods, though maybe cheaper, have no longer life and thus do not carry an assurance …the year 2019 festival season has shaken China. 

Gradually, in the upcoming years, India needs to join hands and allow Indian businesses to grow in their own land.

Give up all Chinese software in a week, all Chinese hardware in a year,” is further said by Sonam.  If Indians comprehend this idea, this will surely result in good revenge for China. 

#Boycott Chinese products campaign will prove successful in the upcoming days that will make the country “Chinese item free”. 



  1. The alternative app for tiktok can be firework and apps like Flipkart has huge investments from Chinese companies so you should change that to Amazon etc.


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