A two board exam class X and XII  has been proposed by the education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. This has been suggested in order to promote a holistic development of the students and to rule the rote learning from the education system and also to de-stress the students.

Most of the academicians have welcomed this suggestion whereas considerable others feel the need for proper implementation to gain a rewarding outcome.

Vidya Guruprasad, from Ryan International School, Bangalore said that as educationist tey still await some clarity at many processes at the school level. They appreciate the announcement of conducting board exams twice a year as this would add to flexible options of the educational institutions. He further added that the process will be fruitful and successful only if the assessment pattern is revamped. This needs to be done by the Indian boards. To bring in a test of competencies and not memorization skills is the essence of introducing such a new system. He said that this same should be reflected in the assessment pattern of certain Indian boards also.

He also further highlighted the challenges that the stakeholders may come across while implementing the plan or this might cause some extra expense for teachers and parents.

“Organising a board exam requires the allotment of teachers as invigilators, examiners, evaluators from all schools. Arranging these twice in an academic year would surely disturb the academic routine of every school. Finances are also involved to conduct board exams. All this may reflect on students’ fees and school expenses,” she added.

Beena Nayaken, principal, Orchids the International School, Mumbai says that this move which intends to relieve the students form different kinds of pressure and anxiety of the board exams might make them easy going instead.

She is concerned about the possibility of students becoming complacent and hence result in slackening their preparation as they will have the leverage to appear in two board exams. The world load on schools will also be increased as board exams require immense preparations and paperwork which might end up adding additional stress to the school, she added.

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Aloysius D’Mello (principal, Greenwood High International School, Bangalore) said that most of the international schools in the nation have a provision of two board exams in a year and that this system benefits students to either improve their grades or appear for one more time if in case by any chance they fail to appear in the first exam.

Bijaya Kumar Sahoo (chairman, SAI International School, Bhubaneswar) talks about the need for a robust teacher training and transformation in the curriculum and assessment pattern to ensure better implementation of the two board systems in the education scheme.


He further adds that the re-training of the secondary school teachers for the new norm which will focus on experiential and blended learning. Special training should also be helpful for teachers to equip them for conducting the assessment as per the new system.



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