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Delhi university sky high cut-off always make it hard for students to get admission in some elite college. At such time considering evening colleges as well can prove to be an insightful idea. Most of students have a wrong perception about evening colleges of Delhi University due to which they do not even look for them. Here are some difference between a morning college and an evening college that can help you in clarifying which is better among them.

1. Sense of responsibility

Morning colleges start their lecture right from 8:30 in morning. This brings the sense of responsibility in students, from waking up early to finishing their morning duties. Students turn up more concentrated and active in morning whereas students in evening classes feel tired and lazy as their classes start from 2 pm and end up at 7 or 8 pm.

2. Co-Curricular activities

Morning colleges allow students to actively participate in various activities and sports which help in bringing out talent of students whereas evening colleges in comparatively have slightly  less number of activities.

3. ‘Earn and learn’  

Evening colleges prove best for students who want to work in morning time. Evening colleges allow students to earn for their living and educational expenses while learning. Another advantage is that evening college provides you ample of time for preparing competitive exams like CS, CA, CAT for which morning college students often miss lectures.

4. Dream college in low cut-off

Evening colleges are popular as well. Generally, cut-off of evening colleges is 5-10% lower than morning colleges which let most of student to secure their seat in an elite college. Hence accessing facilities of good infrastructure,academics and teachers.

5. Placement

Morning and evening colleges provide equal placement and job opportunities. Though evening college students have an edge over morning college students since they are already involved in internship and part-time jobs and hence have requisite experience of working which enable them to secure better jobs.

Morning colleges are full of advantage –no doubt but Evening colleges are no less than a morning college in any way , in fact now a days they attract aplenty of student from various courses. Evening colleges are putting equal efforts in academics and activities to polish their image and attract more students.

– Anushikha Chaudhary


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