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On Coursera, you can find some of the best online courses for English Honors students. Coursera offers the students a platform where they can learn with the help of self-paced guided projects and on-demand courses on a huge variety of subjects. To provide courses, the platform partners with companies and universities, including Google, Amazon Web Services, and IBM. Digital certificates can be earned by users to share on their LinkedIn networks or their resumes.

Users can receive professional certificates and master’s or bachelor’s degree online, in addition to completing individual courses, through the platform. MasterTrack certificates are also provided by Coursera which split a portion of master’s degree programs into online modules. MasterTrack work can count toward his or her degree if a user is accepted into a full master’s program.

Once you have enrolled into a BA (Hons.) English program, you might feel the need to take on extra courses that you can do alongside your honors program. There are many such courses that you can take up on the side since English is a very versatile subject. It opens many avenues for its students. Here are some of the best online courses for English Honors that you can do simultaneously with your main program:


Journalism is one of the best online courses for English Honors since a career in journalism requires one to be aware of their surroundings, analytical, and possess excellent communication skills. The skills gained through this course will help you excel in this field right from editing, writing, and broadcasting the news.

Within journalism, there are many branches for journalism that you can opt for, such as broadcast journalism, public relations, social media, investigative journalism, sports journalism, freelance writer, newspaper reporter, and a foreign correspondent. As a journalist, one gets to meet a wide range of people from different strata of society and one also gets to spend quality time getting to know those individuals during the interview. This field is best suited for you if you have a knack for knowing everything. A few jobs to mention would be doing extensive research and getting criminals out of dungeons.

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Mass Communication is a broad field that encompasses journalism and also includes editing, filmmaking, advertising, PR, media planning, copywriting, broadcasting, etc. It is a versatile field that gives you the flexibility to choose your niche and it is a very popular option of the best online courses for English Honors.

Through the use of mass media, mass communication involves the transmission of information to large numbers of people. This field seems to be transcending into an unmatched growth and opens up the door towards a dynamic career with an increase in the number of news channels, television sets, advertising, radio stations. As a career, a degree in mass communication opens up opportunities in Public Relations, Journalism, and advertising. Various streams are encompassed in a mass communication course. The various career opportunities in mass communication are journalism, public relations, advertising, media planner, event manager, and broadcasting and production.

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Public relation involves presenting the best face of your company or client to the public, making it one of the best online courses for English Honors students. You would organize press releases, write press articles, search for the right PR opportunities, and plan PR campaigns, etc. as a Public Relations professional. An English graduate would be well-placed to make their mark since it is concerned with handling information presented to the masses.

The gap between the organization and the public is bridged by a strategy called Public Relations. The work of a public relations manager is to gather the attention of media channels with an intent to pursue them regarding their idea, product, or company. To influence the behavior and opinion of the audience is their main motive. By using all forms of media channels, their job is to bring accomplishments to their client. The information is viewed as credible since it reaches the masses through journalists. A small firm wanting to make it big in this competitive market is done with the help of PR personnel who helps them reach the pinnacle. The career opportunities in Public Relations include account coordinator or pr coordinator, account supervisor, media relations manager, director, government or departments, and self-employment.

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The best online courses for English Honors students are content writing and blogging. There is no better course that speaks out writing and content better. You can explore a career in these fields if you have a flair for the written word, but in a way that connects well with the audience. Blogging is more versatile while content writing is focused more on writing brand-focused content.

The most popular way of spreading information and news and communicating is blogging. It is a fantastic way to share information with others while it is a great way to express yourself. One can earn a lot of money once their blogging takes off in the right direction. Initially, one might have to be very patient.

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Your career is all set for you if you have the creative ability to weave together words into beautiful prose or poems. Creative writing is also one of the best online courses for English Honors students. A career as a writer can prove to be very rewarding for an English Honors graduate from writing novels and short stories to poems and plays.

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With the perfect blend of communication skills, creativity, and business acumen, the related fields of advertising and marketing involve generating interest for products of a company and improving brand reach. If you wish to steer your career in this direction, then the superior level of communication skills built through your undergraduate degree is going to prove useful.

The world of marketing covers public relations, advertising, promotions, branding, and sales through offline modes or through social platforms. A difference is made by the marketing strategies and is considered to be the most important ingredient for the success of any business. Marketing can be defined as the identification of the current trends and patterns going on and understanding the need for any service and products and utilizing the facts to make relevant amends as to how the products are advertised or priced. Perhaps, the most visible aspect of a business is marketing.

Advertising professionals design adverts and make use of marketing collaterals to help their clients establish a positive brand image and reach their consumers. A creative bend of mind, flexible approach, good imaginary skills is needed to be successful in the field of advertising. The various career opportunities in advertising are in the corporate sector, advertising agencies, publication houses, media agencies, and freelancers.

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Digital marketing and social media marketing are coming up in a big way in the digital age, with brands looking to reach their potential customers through digital mediums. You can combine your skills as an English Honors student to build engaging campaigns and plan strategies to market the brand on social media and through other digital means.

Digital marketing is a new face in the 21st century. There has been a consistent shift in the way people shop, consume information, and entertain themselves from the early 1990s onwards. You see digital marketing everywhere. You receive messages or emails from a restaurant you had ordered from recently, where they offer you discounted offers if you order again. You see the same pair of shoes on your Facebook the next day if you skim through Amazon to buy a pair of Nike shoes. This is because companies deploy Digital Marketing to engage, attract, and convert customers.

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You can do specific courses in digital marketing like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, and web analytics.

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To enroll in a search engine marketing course, click here.

To enroll in a content marketing course, click here.

To enroll in a social media marketing course, click here.

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Apart from these courses, there are also many other courses such as event management, etc. for which you can sign up. If you have the right acumen for it, a degree in English might just be the perfect stepping stone in your career journey.




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